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Perspective Break
When Will there be More Robert E. Howard?
© 2016 James LaFond
"James, you were posting almost one Howard review a day. You're not giving up on it, are you? When will there be more Robert E. Howard?"
I'm glad you have been following the Robert E. Howard posts, Eddie.
I currently have eight Howard reviews outlined, complete with quotes and 38 from my Dark Art of an Aryаn Mystic abortion to rewrite and post.
I found myself in need of a perspective break, a need to read and review other works by other authors, fiction and nonfiction, in order to continue to expand my perspective. This is important because the process of reviewing all of Howard's work has been an exercise in expanding and focusing my perspective at the same time, kind of like finding the optimal range and focus for a camera shot. Focus is simple—read more Howard and read it again. Perspective, though, requires reading other authors and genres and further developing my facility with subtext, which is the only thing I have to offer on Howard, as he has been heavily and knowledgably discussed.
As to your question of when, well, thanks to you, Eddie—right now!
Yes, that is cheating. I'll check my fragment-video outlines and post today.
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Shep     Aug 29, 2016

I'm also a big fan of the REH stuff. Have you written about "The Iron Men", his book of boxing stories?
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