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Instant White Flight
Mr. & Mrs. White leave Chicago after one day because of crime—a repost from Jeremy Bentham
This is too good! It’s like one of Aesop’s Fables!
Thank you, Jeremy. I will address this travesty of white rabbit kind below the video link.
White Flight. Mr. & Mrs. White leave Chicago after one day because of crime.
Couple leaves Chicago after 1 day, moves back to Arizona because of crime
PHOENIX (KSAZ) - A newlywed couple raised in Arizona created a successful YouTube business. Then they decided it was time to leave the valley and explore life, so they moved to Chicago.
But one day after arriving in the "Windy City," their big move turned into a big nightmare.
"It's one of the most amazing cities in America," said Brianna White.
"Hey, why not, we're doing okay. We can go there and be okay financially, so why not go and see what happens," said Jaelin White.
But what happened next terrified the Whites. All unpacked, the couple took the train to get a bite to eat.
"A guy comes up to us and starts trying to ask questions."
"I'm trying to be nice, realizing something's strange."
The stranger followed the couple off the train and down the street.
"I don't know what he wants, he could have a gun, he could have a knife."
They darted into a Subway restaurant, hoping he'd leave them alone."
"He's like looking through the window at us and stuff."
"When he wouldn't leave, the couple called Uber and 9-1-1 for help. In the meantime, Jaelin tried to talk to the stranger."
"I was like, hey man, do you need anything? You want a sandwich? He's like, 'No, I'm hanging around' in a creepy tone."
What happened next, no one expected.
"My whole world was flipped upside down."
"I go to walk out and he just clocks me."
"I was crying in the car. I was like, what is wrong with people?"
The Uber driver took them to their car. They thought they were safe, but they were wrong.
"We go to pull into the parking lot where our car was parked and I see the guy just walking down the street."
"The next day, we decided well, we're probably going to see that guy on the train. Probably not worth it. I mean, let's go back home."
More than 1.4 million people have watched the couple's story on YouTube and some critics are saying they made the whole thing up. We asked them about those critics, and they say everything about their brief move to Chicago is true.
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James’ Commentary
Okay, Jeremy, the question is, what would Genghis Khan do?
If I were Khan and sacked Chicago—which it much deserves—and these two irritants came into my possession the emasculated male would be dragooned into the engineering corp, where his duty would be to design and build a yurt [tent] that would not only muffle his former bride’s irritating voice, so that my senior wives would not grow irritated and demand her slaughter—for she is pleasing to look upon—but would contain various muffling devices within, perhaps suspended from bowstrings, that could be used to obstruct her speech when the khanish member was otherwise employed.
Seriously, Jeremy—this segment of my race is not worthy of succor. I agree with the three passersby that refused to help them. Indeed, I applaud the thug for abiding by the instincts that God instilled in his savage breast!
The cops had to be laughing their asses off. The guy in the car was probably a bisexual rapist with a fully equipped dungeon and they’re lucky they didn’t find his wallet, because it’s probably hanging from a meat hook.
Jeremy, please, tell me, is this the progeny of the race that conquered a world?
Thriving in Bad Places
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IshmaelSep 4, 2016

James, watched for about 1 min max, Lord o mighty, please, please, please, No. I going to shuffle off now, rub myself with bacon grease, look for papa Grizzly bear, just taking a spear!
Sam J.Sep 4, 2016

I protest the criticism of these fine White folks. First they are Eloi and haven't been raised in danger. To criticize them you would have to press danger throughout the whole of the US so that it was common. I don't want that. Do you? You talk about keeping your relatives safe. Would you wish on them a good fight or flight scenario every month or so to "toughen them up"? Second, the idea that the Male, though now not masculine, could never be I feel is mistaken. Put this guy through 8 weeks of Marine corp boot camp, send him through four or five firefights and he'd be cutting dead Men's ears off in no time. Third, he was with his girl and I believe his thinking was the guy had a weapon and was crazy. If he went after the guy it could leave his girl undefended so best to try to avoid conflict. Fourth, why the fuck should people have to live with these crazy nuts running around the streets if they can afford not to then good for them. Fifth, if you fight back these days the White guy goes to jail, I'm assuming the guy attacking them was Black as they didn't say he was White so he was Black, and that's Black people's territory so you at a great disadvantage there. Fighting Blacks in the street today is the war time equivalent of stepping off the hillside into the valley when you know the enemy has the high ground on the opposite hillside. If you want that territory you might have to step off but in this case and most others you want not a damn thing these people have so stepping off the hill side is just bravado and stupidity. It tactically plays into their hands.
Mesc FranklinSep 5, 2016

I agree with Jim that guys like this guy encourage more violence and attacks against the rest of us (so to hell with him). Where I am not with Jim is that women have no agency and are privileged entities because of their overrated vaginas. They are less than worthless and should not be objects of any desire but jettisoned and left to their beloved negroes/kebabs. Yeah I know its about babies but what are you going to do? Many of these women are not impressed with overly masculine men despite their instincts..I see it, they cannot accept masculinity in men who LOOK like them. (((coincidence?)))

More than half of White women are the Great Betrayers…I hold them just like Blacks to codes of human conduct and their failures deserve no sympathy or help. Ironically This is because at heart I am an Egalitarian/secular calvinist in the end and do not see people as mindless entities. Jim may have the better of that argument though..

Call me White Sotamayor.
PeteSep 7, 2016

HEHE violated LaFond Rule #1 - Stay silent and don't answer the dindu when he spews shit.

You're so right when you point out that ANYTHING you say back to these scum is taken as an excuse for violence.
Rick ShawJun 4, 2017

I just had to comment here.

There are some people who should just not travel into the ruins.

Watchig that youtuber, I was reminded of S. R. Delany's novel Dhalgren. The situations in that novel are kinda lightweight in comparison to what is happening now in the ruins.

It's probably a good thing that those two snowflakes didn't run into any real bad asses. I could be wrong. They might survive to successfully breed.
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