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Rubbing out Palefaces
The Death of a Harm City Family
© 2016 James LaFond
Last week, waiting for the plane back from Utah, I ran into a lady headed back to Southern Pennsylvania via BWI Airport, who had a sorrowful story to tell. Her identity and the company her son worked for will be obscured, as she is in fear for her life.
I will call her Ellen.
Ellen lived with her husband—a Vietnam veteran—and two young adult children, in Baltimore. When he was diagnoses with terminal cancer, his wish was to move out of the city to PA, so they did. The kids, however, had friends and jobs and stayed behind.
Ellen’s husband passed away.
Then, in April 2015, the Baltimore Purge and Riots ignited. The fast food joint her son worked in was looted and his body was later found in the restroom.
Her daughter called the Baltimore City Police to ask how the investigation into her brother’s death was going.
She was told that his death was not being investigated, as the homicide caseload was too heavy.
She called back and complained, demanding an investigation into her brother’s death.
Two weeks later, Ellen’s daughter was found at the base of the building she lived in. She had apparently dived out of a second story window. She, survived, but now has the mental capacity of a toddler.
Ellen believes that the police silenced her daughter.
I don’t think this is likely. The BPD makes no bones about the fact that most murder cases are not solved and that many go virtually un-addressed. I also doubt that she threw herself out a window—young women seeking justice do not do such things.
There are more likely possibilities.
#2: Many Baltimore criminals have relatives or girlfriends who work as uniformed police, detectives or as clerical staff. Many witnesses to gang murders in Baltimore are silenced, as are jurors [mostly through intimidation], based on information provided by police and government insiders, often working as simple clerks, but with access to records. Some uniformed police took part in looting during the riots and may have been involved.
#3: Many employees looted their own places of employment during the riots. There remains the possibility that Ellen’s son was killed and her daughter silenced, by his black coworkers.
#4: Ellen's son may have been killed by looters related to employees of the business. If so, her daughter may have been silenced by thugs informed by these coworkers that his sister was seeking justice and believing that a white person might just find a sympathetic ear with the police department.
In any case, that is another paleface family rubbed out by Harm City Hood Rats.
What do you think:
1. Did the police silence Ellen's daughter?
2. Did thugs, working on police information, silence Ellen's daughter?
3. Was Ellen's daughter silenced by her brother's coworkers?
4. Did looters, informed by her brother's coworkers, silence Ellen's daughter?
5. Did Ellen's daughter take a dive out of a second story window?
6. Was Ellen's daughter thrown from the window for a reason unrelated to her brother's death?
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DvF     Sep 27, 2016

You'd think the police would be content with saying "tough shit" to the daughter's request for an investigation. What could she do about it? A threat to take the story to the media seems unlikely to be effective because a white person killed by a black mob wouldn't have legs. Thugs on the other hand, even police connected ones, might try to harm her "just in case". A friendly, or at least neutral source with the police might be able to describe the likelihood of a case being brought.

In fact, if we suppose both that "tough shit" actually was sufficient, and also that she was attacked to silence her, then that suggests that the criminals were not closely associated with the police: They would've known they didn't have to do anything.

If it was a concerted effort at either suicide or homicide, you'd think a two story fall wouldn't be enough, ex ante. Potential killers couldn't rely on that fall to render her unable to testify. Maybe it was intended as intimidation first?

It's hard to bring up, but what does the fact that she wasn't raped first say? Relative professionalism, disinterest, or maybe just haste?

It probably would be a good idea to interview friends and neighbors to get a feel for her state of mind, or new associates.

As for her brother, why the bathroom? When I was a service employee, had I wanted to flee the place, I'd have left by the back door. He could've been surprised in there, or taken there for execution, or after his death. I think the default hypothesis, that we would need further evidence to change, should be that he was killed out of pure racial malice by random rioters. That could be what the police were thinking when they declined to investigate. Maybe more info about the local character of that particular place and time would shed some light on what was likely.
James     Sep 27, 2016

I think it was probably coworker thugs. I actually had coworkers try to kill me when I caught them steeling, even though I kept my mouth shut.
Sam J.     Sep 28, 2016

What I think is the whole thing is horrible. It makes me very sad. I don't think the girl jumped out of that window. Girls, I have been told, when they commit suicide try not to damage their faces. Drugs, car exhaust more of that kind of stuff.

The only way this mass murder of Whites is going to stop is to apply known techniques to stop it. In the past when Black people started raping, killing or abusing Whites a bunch of Whites would go to their neighborhood and start attacking the Blacks. Politically you can't do this but you can use guerilla warfare so that's the obvious tactic. If every time a White was killed several Blacks were randomly killed it would be ramp up violence at first but eventually Blacks would get the message that it wasn't worth it. They don't seem to have any inhibitions on killing Whites now.
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