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‘The Devil’ at Her ‘Door’
Ghost of Insane, Racist, Maniac, Dindu, Martyr Bitch Steals Harm City Headlines on Election Eve
© 2016 James LaFond
In a bid to spread the blooming Baltimore Race War from Baltimore City to Baltimore County, BLM Mouthpiece, The Baltimore Sun has chosen for its Sunday Headline, the death of Korryn Gaines in Baltimore County on August 1, 2016, which she engineered as a ritual suicide, which she documented on a live facebook feed, while using her child as a human shield, as her drug-dealer, felon boyfriend fled the scene.
The development of this story to coincide with pro-law enforcement political campaigns and the death of police officers in ambush killings across the nation certainly suggests a militant BLM stance by The Sun. Whichever presidential candidate is victorious this coming Tuesday, I am predicting increased purging in Baltimore City and County and possible clashes between Dindu mobs and police. The purge activity will not be reported.
The Baltimore Sun has investigated this story, not with their lead crime reporter, but with two other reporters known for human interest pieces.
The two local Baltimore County papers published by The Sun [my cousin prints all three papers on the same press] which I regularly read, have suspended their coverage of the increasing Baltimore County black-on-white race purge [of course described as anonymous-on-anonymous crime] while featuring articles critical of the Baltimore County Police Department. This is savagely reprehensible. As a man who hates cops in general and who refers to them as pigs most of the time and who lives and works in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, I can tell you that Baltimore County Cops are to Baltimore City Cops what the Boy Scouts of America are to the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Yet the same exact criticisms and nullification tactics are being used against both departments with no other obvious logic than to increase the rapidly expanding black-on-white violence as police under pressure to avoid contact with aggressive, black felons stand down.
I am so lucky to be living in such interesting times at Ground Zero of the War on Whitey.
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DL     Nov 6, 2016

WTF. The negligent mother is sainted and added to the pantheon next to F-up Gray?! Oh well, that makes sense, especially if you want to keep encouraging your Dindus to go lower than low.

"May you live in interesting times," is supposedly a Chinese curse, and I swear on Odin's eye patch that I have never uttered it behind your back.

Evidently, just living here is curse enough. Can't we parachute in a contingent of Midwestern hunters who have brought down bears and mountain lions while still scraggly teenagers and take care of our hoodrat problem?? The infestation is mind boggling!
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