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In the Dying Days of April 2015
War Drums: Forty Miles from the Big House on Kindle
In the dying days of April 2015, in Baltimore Maryland, race riots erupted.
As world media focused on the death of one petty criminal and the firestorm around a certain West Baltimore location, what else happened?
According to the author, the riots were primarily a diversionary tactic by drug gangs to put police out of position, for purposes that can only be conjectured, and secondarily, to facilitate a race purge, that placed white residents of Baltimore City and Eastern Baltimore County under black mob rule for a full week, while every police resource was diverted to handle the mushrooming media circus.
War Drums is a street-level memoir of the working class people of a town often called Harm City, who were publicly and officially abandoned to the criminal underworld by their own municipal governments.
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