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Vsauce on Boredom
© 2013 James LaFond
I view the new science short by Michael on Vsauce every week. I have enjoyed and learned from them all. In light of some recent pieces I have written on the disgusting logistics and effects of drug addiction I found Michael’s most recent segment ‘Why Do We Get Bored?’ to be very enlightening.
Michael’s presentation style is what I would describe as a chain of exploratory digressions, an outward spiral of knowledge that sometimes turns incisively inward.
In this segment Michael explores brain chemistry, drug addiction, hallucinations, sensory deprivation, feral children, creativity, extended under-stimulation, and the world record for solitary confinement [29 years]. The discussion is bracketed by definitions of boredom by scholars past and present, and range from the yearning of the soul to a mild form of disgust; which in the end seems to shed an odd light on us all.
At just over 12 minutes this is one of my favorite Vsauce episodes. You can find the link on our network page.
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Cory B     Aug 20, 2013

That video was really well put together and explains allot about being bored.
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