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One with The Sunken Star
Den of The Ender Kindle Edition
© 2017 James LaFond
This sci-fi tale spans 20,000 years, from the Ice Age to 2843 and follows nine people caught in Time:
Tusk, Ghost Walker of the Original People, is called upon to face a supernatural menace.
Jay Bracken’s yearning for a normal life has ebbed since discovering he is a genetically engineered war-freak. However, his short-term goals: nubile companionship and the slaughter of foes, have not changed.
Three-Rivers, the messiah of a doomed people, has merged with a spirit the medicine-men of Sunset call a ‘singularity’, which he knows as The Sunken Star.
Eddie thought that selling crack in East Baltimore was a rough job! Now he’s being sucked into some messed-up past—guts first—and is scared to death!
Aristotle was spirited away from his Athenian enemies by people claiming to hail from 2,335 years in the future. And what an ‘Athenian’ future it is…
Scooter played Cartels of Titan 2,062 times without a caffeine injection, causing his avatar to suffer a psychotic break and his uplink implant to flat-line, totally trashing his halo-drive. Now he sits unplugged and unable to interface.
Brant has always lived alone with his parents and Lassie. But yesterday he got new parents, and a new Lassie; a nice Lassie, but not his Lassie.
Randy Bracken followed his meat-head brother into a time-travel scheme run by some black mad scientist, and is now the most conflicted White Supremacist alive. If only he could get his hands on a bigger, better gun...
Joan Henderson, CIA, was brutally raped in the most secure black ops facility in the world. Now she’s pregnant with the maniac’s child, and is heading up the search for her vanished attacker. Whatever he is, he owes her 18 years of child support, and Joan means to collect.
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