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‘According to Steve at the Diner’
'This article was written by one of the transcendent greybeards of our Mountain Retreat!'
© 2017 Ishmael
The Republic is 100% controlled by Russia and China (Elders) in exchange for relieving our national debts and replacing our defaulted USD worldwide with a gold backed TRN/USN
The alternative was a former Soviet Union type implosion and fracture of state assets to foreign bidders.
Our military is now fully controlled via this same deal due to our 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 military budgets being paid for by the Chinese Elders. So it is Israel's BTW—hence the two state solution imposed on them recently at the end of Obama's second term.
Russia has long held hard evidence against Trump—all of D. C. In fact and has the ability to release it. So everyone in positions of power are either playing along for the amnesty or retiring which includes a Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branch actors. They were all on the Zionist take.
The corruption in Washington was so absolute and overwhelming, that the Chinese, Russians, and White Hats felt it best to keep the transition of government out of the public eye for the emotional health of the nation. China also holds the majority of Trump's real estate debt (over 80% for all his global properties) And could foreclose on them all simultaneously if so desired at anytime. They really have Old Donald cornered—so don't worry about a Trump Presidency—it is completely fabricated.
This is why Trump never got torched in the media ( China controlled the MSM's future financially as well due to 9/11 evidence) and this is why Trump would never release his taxes, nor sell his properties.
Both acts of transparency would have left a public record of debt ownership as well as loan history—which would all lead straight to China—and the Elder's wanted no negative press against China during the campaign.
This means Trump had no choice but to run for President and win ironically as Clinton was not a option. And why he will continue to play the Russian/Chinese patsy until told otherwise.
This makes Trump a compromised "president" just as Clinton, Bush, Cruz, and Sanders were in Different capacities playing lesser roles. All are instructed to carry on per normal and do what told or be publicly exposed and lose both amnesty and currency, Yep, they all got a IQD/VND severance package to walk away.
There is more to this article James, but after reading this far my first thought was that the Donald will devalue the dollar.
Post this and let's hear comments from fellow bloggers all wiser than me, and more nimble of mind.
PS: We have a saying here in the southwest, as Asians tour buses swamp or national parks, they just be picking out real estate for future home development.
Honestly, Ishmael, the main reason why I can’t buy into conspiracy theories like this is that I’m not smart enough to juggle all the players in my mind and follow the narrative. I’m sure part of this theory is true—that being how they get started. Like I said, I can’t make that many conspirators dance around the imaginary table in my brain, so I stick with simple causes such as, “Black people try to harm me regularly because they have been taught I’m living off the crushed dreams of their tortured ancestors.”
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Lynn     Jan 23, 2017

I think the way to evaluate is to think of examples that would disprove the theory and then look out for them. Here are some off the top of my head:

1. China sends large numbers on student visas. Will this number go up, down, or stay the same?

2. Look at future enforcement of American intellectual property used in China. TPP has already been torched.

3. Look at Chinese birth tourism and any actions to stop it.

4. What about Trump's very early outreach to the president of Taiwan?

Also look at factors in the recent past.

1. Obama let Putin take Crimea with barely a peep.

2. China crapped all over Obama, diplomatically speaking, on his last trip there.

3. Two state solution is nothing new, just another attempt at a parting shot from Obama to Netanyahu.

4. The "dirty dossier" has been revealed as a fabrication, commissioned by Trump's republican enemies during the primary.

5. All these foreign governments and more had made actual cash investments in Hilary, no refunds baby!

I would not dismiss any conspiracy theory out of hand but this one appears weak to me. No one but no one expected Trump to win. Scott Adams took a long shot bet and won big, he also bet on Herman Cain when he ran, so that tells you he just picks the long shot. Ann Coulter was the next to speak up, and her basis is immigration and racial crime, much closer to the mark.

I would love to see a proper journalistic analysis of Trump's business and would gladly comment on it for James's readers but I don't think one exists. Please bring it to my attention if and when!
BaruchK     Jan 23, 2017

The two state solution was not imposed.

A resolution was passed condemning us. One in a long series.

If Trump's debtholders foreclosed, he'd just declare the business bankrupt. Not the first time. And move on.
Ishmael     Jan 23, 2017

Lynn, BaruchK, thank you, always trying to listen at the diner, we have a retired 2 star general, liberals from Park City, billionaires from the west and east coast, retired Hippies, also Hillbillies like me, thrown in with Utes, Shoshone, and Rednecks, quite a mix don't you think! I feel like Linh Dinh, at the Friendly Diner.
Jeremy Bentham     Jan 23, 2017

LOL! Ishmael, these guys ought to be techno-thriller novel writers, or Pentagon planners at least. Do they have a power point briefing prepared? Lynn makes some very good points. These elaborate conspiracy theories while sounding clever on their face, never stand up to serious scrutiny. I can tell you from personal experience that when it comes time to brief the board of directors of the Legion of Doom, the leaders who will be in charge of actually executing your elaborate plan to take over the world, you'd best be prepared to field some very penetrating questions, much as Lynn has posed. And give detailed answers in return. "I don't know, but I'll find out' just won't cut the mustard at that level. It occurs to me that it would be great fun to create a TV reality show where conspiracy theorists brief their plans to take over the world or commit the perfect crime to a panel of "super villains" who would question the presenter, analyze the plan, and decide if it could be made workable. The panel should be made up of people from as varied a backgrounds as Brad Thor, General David Petraeus, Bernie Madoff, Ann Coulter, LTC Ralph Peters, Vox Day and Sheriff David Clark (who is extremely knowledgeable about police intelligence ops). It would be more fun even than watching Simon Cowell tell people who can't sing that they can't sing. Another problem with elaborate Byzantine plots is that it is much harder to get people to do exactly what you want when you want it than many people might imagine. Like they say about the Arabs: you can't buy them, you can only rent them. Even though Arabs will gladly take your bribes, they still WILL NOT do what you want if they believe it is not in their best interest to do so. Instead they'll stonewall you with all kinds of excuses as to why the job didn't get done, it was the will of Allah, or whatever. To really expect to exert any control over Arabs you have to be a ruthless killer like Saddam and the Assad's, someone who the Arabs would be terrified of displease since they would not only kill them, but wipe out their entire extended family. Even those bad-asses didn't always have total control over their minions and subjects. In the final analysis many people clearly find comfort in elaborate conspiracy theories beascsue they find it too frightening to contemplate reality: that the people run the world screw up a lot. But they do! It is as a surgical nurse once related to me years back: even the best surgeons tear more that they cut.
Jeremy Bentham     Jan 23, 2017

"Stop bellyaching about Washington. All the country’s best fascists are on your local city council." - By John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.) Brisbane, Australia, Dissecting Leftism BlogSpot.

Oh another important thing to keep in mind regarding elaborate conspiracy theories is the "Dale Gribble Syndrome". Dale Gribble is of course the character from the cartoon show "King of the Hill" who believes very anti-government conspiracy hoax and yet is completely oblivious to the obvious conspiracy that was pulled off right in front of his face. Namely that his wife had an affair with a man of another race and gave birth to a son who looks nothing like him. His wife either. Likewise we all tend to miss the very obvious conspiracy that was pulled off right in front of us, namely that the institutions that govern our communities have been infiltrated and taken over by Leftist ideologues who govern against the will of the conservative people they are supposed to represent. You see this even in red state communities: everyone on the school board chamber of commerce, and your church council is a Liberal. Leftists are activist by nature, they want to change the world, so they naturally seek positions of power and influence where they will be able to make incremental changes, no matter how small. Leftists are patient, they are willing to work for years to undermine and eat out our culture from within like termites. Conservatives on the other hand are not activist by nature, they don't want to change everything. They're always on the defensive. Conservatives get bored and annoyed with all debate and squabbling in local government. They lack the patience, shameless self-righteousness and missionary complex of the Leftists, so they get frustrated and quit and surrender power and control of their community to the Left. The Conservatives then wake up one day to realize their world has changed for the worse and wonder how it happened. Who wants to admit the truth that we got snookered because we were lazy, self-absorbed and just weren't paying attention to what the Left was doing. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.
Sam J.     Jan 24, 2017

This post says the Russians and Chinese own everything. I read another post that went on and on about how Trump was owned by the Russian Oligarchs (they forgot to leave out that the Russian Oligarchs before Putin were almost all Jews). There is a positive blizzard of disinfo.

So what do we do? We use very simple math and see what comes out of the mix. Ok. So in the banking crisis Congress gave unlimited power to bail out the banks. Rep. Ron Paul forced the FED later to reveal in a limited audit where some of this went and how much. The numbers came back as $16 trillion. $8 trillion to European banks and $8 trillion to American banks. There were reports that used public financial data to estimate that over time $29 trillion went to the banks. Ok how much is the entire stock value of every stock combined on NY stock exchange worth. I searched and got $15 trillion. from here

Now we have the data. Let's answer the question with one more. Who owns the banks. Well everybody knows the Jews own the banks. The Jews own everything. The whole damn economy. They engineered the banking meltdown. It's very clear it was engineered as a Congressman went on TV and said that, I think it was, 500 billion dollars was removed from money market accounts, (like savings accounts but for big money), in like 4 or 5 hours and they, the Congress, were told that if they didn't let the FED do basically whatever they wanted the entire World economy would crash, that day. So they did. We were and are and have been ripped off by the Jews.

Now I don't know everything and I really don't know what Trumps going to do but either he's on the Jews side, or he stops them by using the 9-11 building #7 collapse to declare a State emergency or they will kill him. If they don't kill him then he's extremely likely to be on their side.

If the Jews don't own everything then they, with $29 trillion cash, are the most incompetent people on the face of planet Earth. All they have to is buy everything and come up with the minuscule interest payments and a little principle.
Sam J.     Jan 25, 2017

Link about how Putin cleaned the Oligarchs out of Russia. Veterans Today has a lot of nonsense ion it but this seems to be fairly straightforward.

Here's a link from where they the military deep State has had it with the idiot CIA and supported Trump. The military has been against arming the idiots in Syria, as they should be they will be the ones fighting them. They also mention that the military warned the CIA that if they assassinated Trump that it would be civil war. They didn't say anything about the Jews but military has to know the same things I do. Buildings magically falling out of the sky are fairly obvious.
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