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Egghead On A Spike
A Baltimore Academic Censured by the Nazi Surveillance Army
© 2013 James LaFond
I was at a museum owned by Johns Hopkins, the largest private employer in Maryland, when I noticed their university newsletter dated September 12, 2013. Just under the date was the face of a kind bearded research professor who specializes in cryptology titled $#@-related blog post sparks controversy.
Note I will not print that acronym on this site as I do not want to come up on a filter. The agency that is the subject of the professor’s blog is known by an acronym which I think means Nobody Safe in America, but might just as well mean Nazi Surveillance Army.
As it turns out Professor Matthew Green was critical of certain spying practices by Nobody Safe in America. Four days after the blog was posted the Interim Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering, a certain fascist by the name of Andrew Douglas, made Green take down his post.
Earlier this year, the most renowned brain surgeon in the world, who is head of neurosurgery at Hopkins, was made to retract a political statement, and he is black. How the hell did Professor Green, a white boy, expect to get away with a politically incorrect statement?
Now, after Under Fuhrer Douglass’s staff did some research and realized that the blog was already all over the internet, he reversed his position, and once again pretended to be running an educational institution.
Even though the professor’s metaphoric head was taken down off the wall spike it has surely had its effect. For every loudmouth you punish, three will decide that silence is the prudent course. I know of one particular educator who snail mailed me an apology for not being able to use my site, because his university is subject to Gringo Federale oversight.
The intellectual yard of our collective prison is becoming a place in the mind where only silence is safety. It is only a matter of time before discourse is dead—a long time I think, but a time nonetheless. In the meantime, $47,000 per year will get your adult child the best brainwashing Maryland can provide…
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