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Hit Girl
Kick-Ass, With Nic Cage, a Creepy Little Girl and Some Forgettable Nerds
© 2013 James LaFond
I knew this would be a nerd redemption flick that would end as a video game, and prepared myself to skip most of the scenes. The beginning turned out to be off beat enough to keep me interested. The side plot about Nic Cage playing Nic Cage, as a vengeful framed cop raising his daughter to be a mass murderer, was compelling if ridiculous.
Then, half way through the banal yarn about a nerd who wants to be a superhero, he steps into a drug den surrounded by some real rough B-movie bad guys, and is about to get stabbed again—that is it; that scene; the entire reason to view this movie; the most shockingly cool overdone scene since Pulp Fiction. That scene is worth $5 a minute. I found myself alone in my ghetto room, sitting before my underpowered obsolete computer, wincing and making insightfully declarative statements such as, “Oooh!” “Aaah!” “Runn!” and “Oh hell no!”
When that scene ends hit eject.
The rest of the movie was a video game with some redemptive-nerd-gets-laid scenes thrown in.
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