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Interview with a Literary Vampire
Oliver from The Beat Catches James Training Behind the Old Plantation House
James, the video is done.
The article is not done, but you can post if you like. The video is embedded in the article as well.
Thanks again,
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Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival
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the combat space
behind the sunset veil
book of nightmares
yusef of the dusk
IshmaelApr 4, 2017

Hey, good seeing you, move pretty well for a old guy!
SeanApr 4, 2017

Good stuff James and Oliver. Nice clean video format.
GerardApr 4, 2017

Great video. If I was in charge of programming my first order of business would be a sitcom called The Ghetto Grocer starring you as yourself. Loved the comment at the end about trying to get the bus driver to stop and pick you up.
Sam J.Apr 5, 2017

That stick you pick up at 3:11 looks like the real deal to me. Long enough to reach a little, thick enough to have some hurt when it hits something but light enough to move fast. Fast being the key. I assume sticks follow the same laws as bullets? The kinetic Energy of something moving is 1/2 x (mass) x (velocity^2) so the velocity you can see has a much higher influence on the total energy. That's why they went to small very fast moving bullets. The thing would be to find a stick that you can move as fast as possible but still have the highest weight.

I wrote the above before I got to the middle where you say exactly what I was talking about.

I really liked this video. Very informative.
responds:Apr 5, 2017

Every job has got the right stick for it, Sam J.

The light whippy rattan stick can and has, ben used to beat dozens of athletic young men into submission without breaking. Rattan flexes. the thick rattan stick that I practice the backhand with is a one shot bone breaker.

When moving the sticks in the air, I move the thicker sticks slower when practicing in situation when I am not warmed up. On the bag you will see the sticks moving at closer to the same rate of speed, although the lighter ones will still be going faster.

The important thing to remember is that the velocity only maters at impact and once you have developed timing, you can break your sticks of all weights into the target at more velocity than they moved to the target by a quick depression of the wrist.
Sam J.Apr 5, 2017

This is off topic but interesting and ties in with what James says about how the Dindus are being used to destroy the city so the realtors can come on after they are gone, rehab the place and make a killing. This sort of scam is at the low end. At the high end is the FED and the bankers. They're doing the same thing but at the top. It's two articles. First one on how the FED works. The second on what the whole housing/banking crisis was about. Remember these people were paid to lend money, paid when the loans failed and will get paid again when they scoop up all the property.(They probably own it all already).
JApr 6, 2017

Great video! There's something about putting a face to everything I've read here. I look forward to seeing more.
responds:Apr 7, 2017

I'm glad you liked it.

I'm sorry about the sunglasses. I have a problem with tolerating sunlight—seriously. It has been getting worse. It makes me want to invest in a coffin and get rid of this old futon mattress.
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