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Tarnishing The Hood Ornament of State
A Man Question from a Jilted Voter
© 2017 James LaFond
Last night I received a phone call from a voter, which woke me from my trance among my heaps of newspapers, books, beer cans and unfolded clothes:
"They did it, they got to this guy. We're bombing Syria. You called it, but it is so disappointing when it happened. This guy ran on no new wars, specifically not amping up the previous administration's [proposed] war on Syria. What did they do, threaten his wife and children?"
He then went on to encourage me to get online, and watch news of the world. But I declined. I had far more important matters at hand—no, Oliver, she had already gone. I was three hours into a four-hour edit of All-Power-Fighting, a book I wrote in 2005, which is still yet to be in print.
First I told him that Ron West had specifically predicted that the false flag gas attacks [If you believe Syria took the one action guaranteed to bring in the U.S. against it, you need a brain transplant.] in Syria would bring in the U.S. military. But long before that a good month ago, I was told by a friend who works in the field of arranging such bombings on the material level, that he was going somewhere on an unscheduled deployment. He could not say anything more, but that was enough to tell me that some poor bastards who had not yet enjoyed U.S. ordinance delivered by U.S. aviators were next in line for the five star meal. Since Regan, every American president has presided over at least one bombing of a Muddle Eastern Nation. It's what America does. I don't mind. I like playing the bad guy in any war game. Hell, it's kind of cool being an elder ork in Mordor
Yes, people want to believe that they have proxy power through a figurehead who has actual agency. This makes the Dark Age serf far more reasonable than the modern citizen of a democracy. The serf knew what was up. The democratic person is nothing but a unit of livestock with opinions implanted and overridden via TV broadcasts. To believe that the president has agency is to believe in a lie. No president of the United States has as much agency—unilateral choice of action and the will to act—as a ghetto gangbanger, strong-arm robber or hobo rapist. Robert E. Howard said it best in By This Axe I Rule, when King Kull tells the weeping slave girl that his chains, though invisible, weigh heavier on him than the chains of any so-named slave.
Our presidents are scapegoat kings, like those controlled by the ancient diabolical priestesses of Knossos, with their deep dark eyes, night-black hair, perky bejeweled tits, pitchers of opium-laced wine and dancing girls.
This Trump character came to Washington like Davy Crocket in a customized suit. He had the explicit aim of avoiding additional wars and clearly understood that ISIS was a tool of U.S. foreign policy put into play to topple Syria and gone its own way, and so vowed to crush the savage beast that his predecessor had armed with first rate U.S. weapons and unleashed on the short list of innocents remaining in that weary corner of the world. Trump, the man, was smart enough to see through the lies, but stupid enough to think he could walk through them. Who knows, he may still be able to implement his domestic agenda now that his wranglers have finally gotten him to join the club of terminally compromised presidents: The Dreaming Actor, Shrub Diablo, Slick Willy, Shrub the Younger, O'Sauron and now the God Emperor, who have all bombed nations which absolutely posed no threat to the United States or its people, thus binding you, their supporters and electors, in a covenant of blood-letting that is far from senseless, but rather serves their unthinkably evil agenda, to forge an atheistic, one-government world order [I remember Shrub Diablo's speech] at the expense of any lingering tribal-masculine notions that archaic nations might cling to.
Militarily I suspect this is just about denying Russia a port in the Med. If this were a war game, one of the U.S. victory conditions would be denying a berth for a Russian fleet in the Med. When I played Empires in Arms last, as the Russian, I spent a year marching an army over the Caucasus and took Syria—to the boos and hisses and bravos of the assembled geeks—because I absolutely knew that the prick playing Britain was going to take Corfu from me at some point. In fact, the Ukrainian Coup by the CIA was possibly about denying Russia the Crimean ports on the Black Sea.
Get over it.
It could be worse, they could be already at the end game, which will be the disarmament of all American citizens, along with forced immigration and reservations and second class status for all native-born Americans who are not down with the global cause.
They've done it before, to whites, reds and blacks, right here where I sit. Why do you think it will be any different in the future?
Remember, Rome opened its gates, the barbarians never kicked them in. Be happy that Caesar is deploying his legions abroad, because if they ever come home it will either be with their tale between their legs, unable to address what ails the evil leviathan that is us or with their weapons leveled at us. If you voted for a great nation, you have just been served an appetizer at the feast of the damned you signed off on.
Look at the bright side, this attack is going to fuel more Islamic rage and make our domestic news much more interesting as ISIS recruits the orphans of the God Emperor's reluctant whim to remind us we're alive—at least we get an enemy out of it. What's a man without an enemy beaming hatred at him out of the dark?
Don't worry, be happy and above all, don't get angry at the hood ornament on the foreign-made car of state for crashing into that hijab-wearing pedestrian—its prime time and you need at least one car crash in every episode of passable TV fiction.
It could be worse, the asshole writing this might have become president in some LSD-immersed version of reality.
PS: At the pizzeria today CNN was on, delivering a steady drumbeat for war against Russia, delivered by female news casters. The first day after the attacks and the press is calling steadily for entering into hostility with Russia, based on Russia's supposed involvement in a gas attack that was most likely conducted by U.S. intelligence operatives. This is too perfect, down to reports of Russian agents covering up the evidence. This is better than the unplugged Kuwaiti incubators in 1991 and the vanishing WMDs in 2004. And I didn't see Dustin Hoffman anywhere...
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Lynn     Apr 7, 2017

I feel for the Trump supporters that are disappointed, I am definitely disappointed myself. The cheers coming from the same crew of blood thirsty neocons that got us started in Iraq 14 years ago are just disgusting. Their impotent anger was one of my favorite features of the Trump presidency. I will still hope for their ultimate disappointment. For those interested in a somewhat optimistic take, check Scott Adams' comments:
James     Apr 8, 2017

You know Lynn, the foreign policy is always going to be the same. Since Carter no one has made the mistake of crossing the Gnomes of Washington. I really think that blowing up stuff overseas is going to be Trump's only chance of asserting himself at home. I believe that their is a metaphysical reason for this, though it can be laid at the door of practical politics.
Sam J.     Apr 7, 2017

At first I thought he was a plant. Then I began to have hope. He even actually did some of the things he said he was. I thought maybe, just maybe he was what he said he was. Now. Forget it. The Jews and their psychopath allies run the country. He actually has the leverage to defeat them if he wished. Sandy Hook and 9-11 to demolish the very last of the Deep States propaganda. Both are easily proven to be lies have to name the Jew. It's no good and impossible to clean this mess up and leave the Jews here running things. They're too intertwined with the fall and ruin.
Shep     Apr 8, 2017

The most important news here is that All-Power fighting is getting closer to print. Can't wait!
Lynn     Apr 8, 2017

As usual, James, I think you are exactly right. It seems to have given him domestic leverage.
James     Apr 9, 2017

Lynn I have and do know a number of low to mid level employees for U.S. intelligence agencies—they are all a lot smarter than I am. I can only imagine what brilliant creeps their masters are. A president has to appease these kind of people to be able to move forward. Think about it—everyone of the top 100 people in the CIA have him by 40 IQ points-and that's just one agency. he has to play ball, with their ball and by their rules or they won't let him pass that exam he never studied for while he was chasing hot European babes and he'll end up flunking like Kennedy and Carter.
Sam J.     Apr 8, 2017

James,"... I believe that their is a metaphysical reason for this, though it can be laid at the door of practical politics."

There's a glitch to this kind of thinking. If we were to do the thing that would most benefit the US what would it be? Who would we "bomb". Well everyone knows the Jews own damn near the whole entire western economy. Especially with their bank bail out(massive theft). The best thing we could do would be to bomb the Jews and steal our economies back and hold major ownership in trust for the USA(remember the "Letters of Marque" that the English used to steal the Spanish gold? Letters of Marque are written right into the Constitution). Then bomb the FED and take back money creation for the people of the USA. But do we do this? No we bomb the Jews enemies. Shit we can't even fight our own enemies.

Scott Adams' argument is stupid and only buffoons would believe it.
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