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‘Unreasonable People Nailing Jello To A Wall’
Stefan Molyneux on the All-Discipline
© 2013 James LaFond
I have recently discovered that I can listen to a podcast on my computer and write the review of it on the same computer, at, the, same, time! And I didn’t even know I was a software genius. Charles, since I am a computer guy now can I patent this discovery?
In any case, I follow a number of podcasts while I am working on non-fiction pieces. These podcasts seem to me, like talk radio without the commercials. I suppose they are the new radio. My eyes can only handle so much reading and writing so these audio programs are a godsend for me.
Stefan puts out so much content you would have to listen to him every day for hours to keep up. He does a twice a week call in show that is not always too good. Such a thing is a crap shoot as it is partially dependent on the callers. I am listing to a podcast that is titled Led Zeppelin is the Best Rock Band Ever!?! This one hour episode is a conversation with a talk radio host named Marc Victor. Stefan does a better job of explaining our addiction to power than any other thinker.
If you have not listened to Stefan, he is fun, not perfect, but a creative trained philosopher. He has some excellent guests, and sometimes some terrible guests, which is fun as well. He recently did a three hour discussion with Joe Rogan, who did not come off as such a jerk as he does in other venues.
If you just started questioning the way our world is seemingly ordered for someone’s benefit other than your own, Stefan explains a lot of pretty vexing aspects of modern life in an easily grasped and humorous way. Perhaps the best thing about Stefan is the fact that he is an admitted wimp. I tend to value the perspective of someone with that kind of self-critical eye.
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