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What to Do When Purgers on Foot Dare You To Run Them Over
This is one of the oldest ghetto gambits in Baltimore, which has taken on a nationwide charcter, with clear evidence that those who step out in front of traffic and threaten motorists to stop or run them over, are being prosecuted by the law for not slowing to a stop and allowing hostile people on foot to crowd their car.
First, there are two methods used, static, where they wait until traffic is clear and form a line and dynamic where they either throw bikes and trashcans in the street or veer diagonally toward your front bumper trying to get you to slow.
The first case is the hardest and if you see a line or barricade forming ahead you should go around as the cops and the law will side with the Purgers and Rioters not with the motorists they attack. This is like playing basketball—go figure—a non-contact game which lessons have been absorbed into the culture of its most avid practitioners. Basketball is a game of passive-aggression that mirrors street intimidation behavior, where it is never the defender's fault when they plant themselves in front of a person moving forward. If you see this you should back out or push through, knowing that if they are suicidal, pushing through will put you in prison.
Do not stop.
Do not ram them.
Pushing through
This is a really bad option but is better than ramming [which will get you doing hard time] or stopping, which may well get you killed, like the 12 murder victims from the Purge of 2015 who did not get investigated.
Move at a walk with your horn on and if one of them tries to get under your tires by hanging onto the front, that means they want to get run over and sue you. Ghetto mothers do train their children to generate windfall lawsuits in this fashion and it has been adopted by BLM soldiers as a way of getting defenders convicted. If someone is clinging to your car intent on being run over, you are screwed, unless you back up, so back up—tell the cops that you were just trying to save the suicide jockey and were also convinced that the mob meant to drag you out. Do not look behind you—you only care about preventing the suicide.
Look where you are now, in this push-through scenario. This is why pushing through can be a trap unless you have very good control of the vehicle and can use angles to keep people out of your wheel arc. If you have any daylight with no one in front, roll out.
Do not attempt pushing through if there is traffic behind you, otherwise you are stuck.
If you see a formed line with traffic behind you break whatever traffic law you have to to get back around the vehicles to your rear.
If they are beginning to build a bike or trashcan barricade crash through and keep going even if on your rims.
Broad Walking
Over the past year gangs of black men have been testing for timid whites by fanning out from the curb facing traffic and walking right towards white motorists. In most cases when you speed up they will step or leap aside and curse and throw things, maybe even slapping your vehicle. It is significant that these are groups of large men ranging from three to seven, enough muscle to easily flip over most cars.
If you slow you encourage them and may end up starting a road block that you will be the nexus of. This happened to a woman at Baltimore's Inner harbor in front of a line of riot police [the biggest criminals in Baltimore] who stood and watched her being dragged from her car and beaten into a coma. Slowing encourages them. Stopping guarantees an attack. Just keep driving. It is there responsibility. Remember, we're playing basketball and they don't get to walk into your moving car and call foul. If they stop, you have to veer around, but don't stop your self. If they are walking into your grille, let them eat it. Do not stop within sight of the mob, but do pullover and call the cops, telling 911 and responding cops that these people ran and walked into the front of your vehicle while trying to attack you. [I can't write anything here encouraging you to break the law by evasive driving and lying, like some scumbag might do.]
If they did not form the Anarcho-Tyranny roadblock, recognized now as a legal right when used by criminals as if it were a police roadblock, you can hit them, but if you do not stop as soon as it is safe to do so, you are in deep pig shit. If you don't run them over but just clip them, well, you juts thought that sound was them punching and kicking and slapping your car as they attacked, didn't you?
If there is no traffic camera and they didn't get cell phone cameras on you [The groups I have seen did not have cameras deployed in WorldStar mode, but were actively trying to stop motorists] the you can keep on going.
When people would do this to my Jamaican friend, Monando Cay, he would speed up and they would leap aside. But he was a dark-skinned black guy, so they believed he would do it.
Ironically the best way to discourage these savages is to pretend you did not see them, even looking at something off to the other side of your visual arch as you continue on like some bimbo. This worked like a charm for my date recently, even as I was readying my knife for combat, thinking she might panic and freeze. The fact that she didn't even notice these guys stepping in front of her speeding van—no babe, the speed limit on side streets is not 35—gave them pause and they did not take that last step, but stopped, flexed, posed, hooted and flashed gang signs as we sped by, her utterly witless that there had even been an attempt to intimidate her.
These were three gorilla-size black guys, ranging around 300 pounds, probably hoping that if they could get her to stop that I would get out so they could stomp me. This was the first hot day in Baltimore. Traditionally, blacks in Baltimore try to celebrate the oncoming heat by getting into a fight or attacking someone. This used to be something that was all a black-on-black activity. But since the Purge and the police stand down ordered by two consecutive mayors, it is becoming a very black-on-white activity.
African American scholars interviewed by Tariq Nasheed on his Hidden Colors films, claim that this is a ritual of Africa arising in the diasporac African blood and bringing the black man back to his violent African roots.
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LaManoMay 1, 2017

Excellent write-up, applicable even to those of us who might unknowingly be driving near or through a danger area to reach somewhere else.

I think you've gotten the various scenarios and associated consequences correct.

However, just as if I were in the Alaskan forest armed with a short 12 gauge with 7 buckshot rounds in the magazine, and I was attacked by a pack of three or four wolves, I would NOT club the gun and let them get close enough for me to swing the gun at them. I would get into a reasonable defensive position, moving forward or backward, and start pumping buckshot into them as they came into danger range. I suspect that the third round would be "Pour encouragez le autres ..."

Similarly, if I'm in possession of a 3000 pound kinetic energy weapon and am attacked as you described, I'm flooring the pedal. At that point, I only want to make sure that I'm still here to make a court appearance at my "Vehicular Assault" hearing, if that's necessary.

I really believe that the attacking horde would behave just like the Illinois Nazis as the 4-barrel on the 440 Dodge Bluesmobile kicked in, headed right toward them. If they believe that there's a berserker in the car that won't even think about the consequences but will drive right through them and over them, they're not going to stand there and consider their next move ....

Anyway, since we're out of the realm of personal defense with a stick or knife up close and personal, which I know nothing about, into the realm of vehicular assault, where we're a little more even, I thought I'd lay my thoughts out there. Stay safe, but make sure you're there for your trial!
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