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Defending against the Twerp
Realistic Size Relationships Between Antagonists
Twerps are myriad and many-hued. Here at Modern Agonistcs we recommend squashing, foiling and otherwise defeating twerps. Twerps of enemy tribes are to be made examples of.
Twerps of your own tribe are to be displaced so that more fit men may acquire the evil twerp’s breeding stock and improve the race.
For instance, if the man to the right in the video below were to displace the man to the left, the resulting offspring would be not only more fit but better looking…
In the gym, the size dichotomy here is often seen and use should be made of it.
In our youth Sean would have fought at middleweight and James at light to welter.
In the street this is the most common size-disparity seen, with the short man usually—4-out-of-five times, being the aggressor. Additionally, short aggressors inflict more KOs on their tall antagonists because they have easier access to the jaw.
First strike to the chin or jaw line is the primary goal in such altercations. Recognizing the aggressor’s action cues and moving in such a way as to make him reset physically and psychologically can result in defusing a volatile situation.
In this video we go through three levels of aggressive twerp competence:
1. Look over his shoulder [or over yours] and push or punch
2. Look down and look back up with a punch
3. Talks with the hands until your center line is clared and then he steps off to your right and launches his right down the middle with his head on the outside of your shoulder.
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