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‘Football with a Stick’
The Roof Block Drill: Training to Defend against the Overhand with a Stick
At some point in any MMA bout there is a time—usually early on—when one fighter decides he would be better off in close. This is the same with boxing. And as with those two combat forms, in stick-fighting, it becomes apparent to the combatants right out of the gate who owns the outer range.
Of the many ways to sue the roof block we only cover two here, the counter stroke and the bridge. Stick-fighters at the highest level can dispense with the roof block and use pin-point beats in guard and counter with combos. However, in case of a need to defend against a heavier weapon, or to defend against an extension weapon with no weapon, the bridge is best not forgotten.
To do a roof block without the stick simply make a wedge out of your two hands over your head or crash in with a stiff arm and a bent wing arm hung over your left side with your right hand, simply replacing the roof-angled stick with a hanging forearm.
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