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Goon Surfing
A Time and Measure Drill with Focus Mitts, Not Punching Mitts
© 2017 James LaFond
This drill is a method for adapting boxing to defense against evil twerps with edged weapons, block-headed Polish wrestlers, snaggle-toothed zombie bitches, leviathan hoodrats, chimps with a taste for human face and anything else you don’t want to hug.
In this drill we see Sean work this for the first time with me. Again, for the purpose of coaching on line, imparting our hard-won methods to people who might be coaches, who might be self-trainers who are going to have to train their own coach, I did not prep Sean. Indeed, I just rolled out of that fancy conveyance my son drives around in and started gooning it up with young Sean. This is done in order to give a realistic appreciation for working the learning curve as a team. It is his job to learn and adapt and mine not to jam too much new information into his combat framework. If you are an experienced coach you will note that there were drill advancements that were not done and some few corrections that were not made. This is a slow process, like sculpting motion.
There is no 3-D printer for building fighters.
The fighter builds himself one motion at a time. He is asset of self-forming bricks. The coach is just acting as the mud hand in the bricklaying analogy, applying the adherent and letting one piece of the structure settle before introducing another.
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