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Saturday Night, 8/26/17
Big Ron had Sensei Steve and I out to watch the big fight, in which we all cheered for the white man in the ring—Floyd Mayweather. The Irish Anticist never let his foot off the showmanship pedal, and even after he had failed to return fire for a minute and was staggering along the ropes about to be served up a rude knockout, he kept talking trash, bringing us to agree that if we had a time machine we'd use it to hold the ref back fro saving his meathead from the Mayweather fist.
The fight started off with the older black ref giving instruction while stare at McGregor as if to say, I'm talking to you—my eye is o you, boy!
What follows is two parallel stories, the delusional reporting of the ringside cronies and the fight.
McGregor was so out of his depth that the ref switched sides and began favoring him, letting him hold and hammer fist Mayweather in the back of the head. This after an earlier fight featured a controversial ending because of such a rabbit punch.
McGregor was so off balance for boxing that he would not have been able to hit Floyd, so Floyd walked up to him, just like a pro wood to a kid his first day in the gym and elt him through punches and rough him up.
What Floyd was doing was the same as a sniper putting out range markers on the ground his enemy is about to cross.
The most astonishing thing was McGregor's inability to hit hard. His punches were low amateur level. i could have went 3 rounds with McGregor.
McGreggor was blown out after 6 rounds and became a punching bag after harmlessly pitter-patting at Floyd, who made a show of things, even mugging like in a pro wrestling show after one punch.
Floyd never fully committee to a punch, though he could have at any time.
The most telling difference between the two was based on balance and guard and resulted in power. There was one replay from overhead of the fighters hitting each other at the same time with straight rear hands. Conner's punch padded into Floyd's face. despite Conner being 20 pounds heavier, Floyd's punch drove through his head.
Conner was shooting beebees and Floyd was shooting an AR-15 with a scope.
Eventually the old ref took pity on Conner as his head dangled in Floyd's wheelhouse for the KO, and called it off.
Floyd was gracious in victory and Conner pugnacious in defeat.
The so-called experts talked up Conner and we laughed, agreeing that Conner was lucky to have boxed a man who he could not find, could not hurt, for if he would have fought any of Floyd's victims it would have worked like murder.
The fight provided an excellent example of media duplicity and also of the mechanical hurdles grapplers and kickers face when trying to learn boxing. Also, Floyd used the wing block and cross face to much better effect than the Irishman did his forearm press, clinch and hammer fist.
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