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'Congratulations on Another Book'
A Peek at the Editorial Process
By just putting incomplete books out there online, I thought I might get some feedback and also pressure, which is good for me. I did not dream that I would have three different ladies, Lynn, DL and Jamie, editing for me. Between the three of them they are making sure that about a third of my books are handled with the eye to detail any writer wishes for his work. I am truly surprised and blessed to have received this help, along with the many footnotes, hard questions and chapter generating—even book generating—comments provided by the men that read at this site. Also, a former service man by the initials of SC, has been working on annotating and editing Shelters for the Self, planned for publication in December.
James, your piece on your Friday night/ Sat am work commute was absolutely hair raising and unreal. It is amazing to think about how widespread drug use is, and we did touch on that a little on our podcast this morning. I absolutely loved the ending.
The Pale Usher got its official publication today, congratulations on another book. You are truly peerless. Here is your latest:
Works by James LaFond
Literature 136
Combat Periodical 20
Gaming 19
Total published works 175
Prepublication 3
Near Completion 6
In Progress 9
Started 8
Planned 6
Total in progress works 32
I have attached Masculine Axis and the cover photo. The cover photo has 450 dpi. I was able to adjust it with a free software. I did not create a pdf in case you would like to make any changes. I would like you to particularly look at the footnotes I created in Gracespeaker. I can add more or remove some. I left some items in brackets. The major thing I did was reorder the chapters. If you don't like it I can easily move them to their original order.
I feel very proud to be involved with your work.
The Pale Usher
Impressions of Moby Dick: Herman Melville and Modern Man?s Transcendental Journey
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