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Skulker Jones on Kindle
A Tale of Dark Deviltry at the End of Caucasian Time
Tom Jones, born in 1972 to a woman who threw her brassiere at the British singer she would name him after—the boy that would be fathered by a roadie that intercepted her backstage during her quest to meet the celebrity she worshiped—looked in the mirror, on the evening of Thursday, September 26, 2046, as the moon rose in the sky above Harm City and came to the conclusion that he was expendable. Broke, maimed for life by a bad hip, having failed as a boxer, and having only one pro prospect in his small gym, Tom Jones decided to brave the evil pit of sin that was his hellish home town and limp out into the night to find “Slippy” Braxton. Slippy had gone missing on the eve of the fight that might keep Slippy from a return to prison and keep the doors to the Charm City Gym open for another year.
Written in real time, Skulker Jones is an urban horror tale of a failed man looking for a final saving grace. Skulker Jones is the sequel to A Hoodrat Halloween.
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