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'Michael Douglas Didn't Marry Me Either'
Welcome To The Man Cave
© 2013 James LaFond
Did you know that:
Fred Reed makes the best case against feminism.
Jack Donavan has charted the social deconstruction of American manhood.
You are being mind-screwed into becoming a psychological hermaphrodite.
Your sons, if you have any, will be targeted by government drug pushers in school and turned into life-time junkies in order to make them behave like little girls.
But, more importantly, do you know how to apply the Viking Hammerlock!
You would know all of this and many more politically incorrect testosterone saturated bits of defiant wisdom, if you made certain to click on the Man Cave tag. This tag—and perhaps Charles shall even provide a manly icon—permits the strong-browed to access all of the hairy-assed, knuckle-dragging wisdom to be found at James
Heads up: I have just nominated Fred Reed as Great Khan of the Man Cave, to receive the first haunch of meat from each of our virtual kills. If you wish to know why, drink a six-pack, or none-carbonated equivalent, go to our network page, click on Fred on Everything, click on his column icon on the far left, and read his article on Maureen Dowd. If you get angry, you must remove yourself from the Man Cave to the menstrual chamber. If you do not laugh you may be suffering from manginaitis, and should seek unwinnable combat at the first opportunity.
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