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The Racist Oak Tree
By Fred Beare
© 2017 By Fred Beare
In the Social Justice Warrior/political correctness lunar stakes, this one is a top contender for crazy pc notion of the week:
“A old oak tree, estimated to be over 400 years in age, is a painful reminder of our racist past in South Carolina, according to a spokeswoman for the Racial Justice League. Ms. Susan Adelstein said in a recent interview that the “Angel Oak” of Charleston, is an “unnecessary reminder of the slavery, genocide and racial oppression which once took place all around it.” Adelstein wrote in a recent RJL report:
Just like Confederate flags and racist statues of dead White men, the Angel Oak is a symbol of the Old South. It was alive for hundreds of years while slavery was pervasive throughout the region. And it is a painful reminder to African-Americans, Native Americans, Jewish people, LGBTQ and other minority groups of an oppressive period in our past when diversity, tolerance and inclusion were not valued. If one vulnerable person sees this tree and hurts inside or feels excluded is that not reason for us to act? If we can save even a single person of color from the hurtful experience of looking at this tree then it is our moral duty to act.
Ms. Adelstein, who is also a board member of the Low Country Transgender Pride Alliance, has petitioned the local and state government to have the Angel Oak cut down. She has suggested that a monument to Martin Luther King, Jr. or freed Black slaves be built where the old oak now grows. “We will not be silenced while this symbol of hate and oppression still grows in plain sight of the descendents of slaves. It is 2017, after all, and time to cut down this tree of White supremacy.”
Is she a descendant of slaves?
Anyway, here is a picture of the Angel Oak:
I have actually seen this tree, and it really is something. But, is the tree, “racist”?
The problem here is that for all she knows, the tree may have helped slaves. Perhaps Jimmy Jones hid in the tree for one night as men with white hoods rode around in circles getting tired, ultimately tripping over themselves and dying? And, what about the other pc values of Greenism, that nature has rights? Doesn’t the tree have a right to life? What about the carbon footprint increase and global warming, from killing the tree? Think of the polar bears dying on Al Gore-sized bits of melting ice…wait, they are “white” so they can get fucked too I suppose.
The tree could be 400-500 years old, which means that it was planted at a time when the majority of slaves in the US were White, anyway. Ooops.
If the tree is a reminder of racist oppression that took place around it, then why not remove all of the ground where the racism took place? Anyway, keep up the good work, it gives me material to brighten up an otherwise shit existence:
First, they came for the trees…then…wait, they already have come!
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Bob     Nov 15, 2017

As Adelstein is silent on her own people's heavy involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, I'll fill the breach.

The amnesia that surrounds her own people's disproportionate role in the business is in stark contrast with the constant calls for atonement for whites, whose ownership of slaves was proportionately much lower.

Mind games.
Bob     Nov 15, 2017

Adelstein could also remember her kinsmen's active participation in the white slave trade.
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