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Gelding the Motorheard
Why Autonomous Motorists Will Be Outlawed
© 2018 James LaFond
Recently I completed a study of the 20 attempts to attack me in 2017. Comparing this avalanche of threat to that of motorists I know living and traveling the same locations, and referencing the emergency room casualties from the Baltimore County Purge of April/May 2015, it is obvious that the greatest risk indicator to a lone man is to be on foot.
I have also noted that mass transit service has increased 20% in these same areas since the drop off in bus traffic after dark by 75%, with most folks choosing to pay 8 times as much for an UBER ride than risk walking to and from bus stops at night.
While trying to make sense of this I have been studying a former anarcho-tyranny setting, that of Plantation America, when it was illegal to travel without a pass if one was not a property owner—which would exempt almost all current Americans. This pass evolved into the driver’s license.
Looking at how deeply our current debt-based society is based on the hidden history of Plantation America where any man with a debt was sold immediately into slavery, and any man not owning property was confined to his municipality, I am making the following prediction about the morphology of anarcho-tyranny in postmodern America.
Once automated personal vehicles and truck are as affordable as manual vehicles the following actions will be taken by government, with the whole hearted support of the media and sheeple:
1. The driver’s license/I.D. will be required to travel across state lines or to avoid arrest for vagrancy. [This is already the case in most areas, however it is generally unenforced.]
2. A special, CDL type license will be required to pilot your own vehicle. This will be prohibitively expensive for most people and high insurance premiums for those choosing to fight automation will be mandated by law. Insurance agencies may demand reeal estate liens as collateral.
3. Taxes will be levied on car or truck ownership, similar to current property taxes.
4. Liberal municipalities that currently ban handgun ownership, will also ban vehicle ownership, unless the applicant meets special provisions, such as owning a trucking or hauling business.
5. Tax breaks will be given to people living in apartments and condos.
6. People who choose to live beyond the mass transit web will be taxed to extend the infrastructure into their locale.
In conclusion, measures such as these will come to pass as automation is used to make every American not among the top 10% into a pedestrian, vulnerable to the attacks of the most virulent criminals, who are juveniles of color operating within the mass transit web. This will facilitate comprehensive human, electronic, chemical, robotic, audio, video, and remote drone policing. The people forced into pedestrian status will beg for more police and more restrictive laws.
In your automated vehicle, your course will be verbally charted, relayed to the agency tasked with tracking you and any location outside of your authorized access will be denied by the onboard computer, depending on your Deep State clearance level. This will be cheered as a boon to the overworked parole officer as the prisons continue to overflow. Indeed, automated transport and route restriction will be hailed as promoting safety and freedom at the same stroke.
You heard it here first.
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LaMano     Jan 31, 2018

Interesting analysis, but here's a few counterpoints.

Autonomous vehicles that can travel outside a few designated areas where it doesn't snow won't happen in my lifetime. They need lines painted on the roads, and outside of the cities, VERY MANY roads don't have lines on them. Very many roads aren't even paved, and haven't been for 100 years. Not likely that they'll all be paved and lined before you and I are dead and gone.

Secondly, if "autonomous" vehicles were a real thing outside a few specific areas, then passenger airliners would have been long since automated. You would be able to get on board a plane in Los Angeles, fly to Washington National, take off and fly to Manchester, UK, .... and there would never be anyone in the cockpit. Passenger planes have a thousand-fold fewer variables to deal with than automobiles, and yet every one of them has two pilots. Certainly the plane has a lot of automated features; can do hands-off landings IN GOOD CONDITIONS, can fly on autopilot to its destination IN GOOD CONDITIONS ... but conditions aren't always good. And roads aren't always suitable for automated cars, and won't be until about $100 trillion dollars from now, which ain't gonna happen.

People will buy "connected" cars, perhaps, which can be monitored and shut off by the government ... but in the last 120 years, NO CAR that's ever been put on the road is prohibited from still being on the road. You can drive a horribly dangerous Model T Ford across the country if you like, no seat belts, no air bags, steering column pointed like a spear at your chest, across 50 states, all with different rules ....

Not time to worry yet ... about that ...
Bob     Jan 31, 2018


Lies in the news, truth in the movies.
PR     Feb 1, 2018

I've worked on many radar problems and I'm skeptical we'll get to autonomous vehicles soon for the reason La Mano mentions. Radar works for collision avoidance (ie, I wasn't paying attention to the car in front of me) but there are many, many corner cases in driving that will only be added to the radar processing after some spectacular crashes. People don't want to be test pilots. One lawsuit will end the venture.

Spergs in Silicon Valley love to threaten us with this utopia, meanwhile we're still having bad train crashes on RAILWAYS which are a far more constrained (ie, easier) problem for automation.
Sam J.     Feb 2, 2018

"...Autonomous vehicles that can travel outside a few designated areas where it doesn't snow won't happen in my lifetime..."

I'm telling you guys you're just not paying attention to the law of exponential growth. You think computer power grows at a linear rate and it does not.

By 2025 you'll be about to buy a PC class processor, maybe $1,000 that has the same processing power of a human. Computers learn MUCH faster and a more powerful computer can run simulations and then feed the results to a lesser one so that one computer could have millions of years of driving experience downloaded to it. They're doing that now with Tesla cars. They have millions of hours of driving because they feed that stuff back. Computer power right now is about the power of a lizard and look what it can do. A computer can look at faces and using neural net software tell if a Man is gay with 80% correctness. I mean I couldn't do that. Look at this gif, may have posted it before but you guys keep making the same mistake.

Now if you think I'm some techno rapture geek who wants this to happen you're wrong. It's very scary but I don't see how it can stopped or helped. My only consolation is you can be damn sure when the computers take over they won't let the Jews anything.
Jeremy Bentham     Feb 3, 2018

“I was not predicting the future, I was trying to prevent it.”

― Ray Bradbury

I believe what James is portraying is exactly what the Globalist Left WANT to accomplish. Whether they are able to accomplish this remains to be seen of course. And may God forbid they succeed. The technical obstacles may or may not be surmountable in the short term, but in any event the Left will never stop pushing for what they want. By now we know what many of the Globalist’s intermediate goals are in their quest for domination over the rest of us. We know what their likes and dislikes are. For one automobiles are a particular bête noire for them (they’re destroying the earth after all). They want to get us all out of our cars and unto mass transportation. They are especially enamored of trains and trolleys. The Left keeps building trains to nowhere all over the country. The Globalist Left also want to get us out of our private dwellings and pack us into enormous Soviet style apartment buildings. Such complexes will form the foundation of multicultural neighborhoods in the major cities. As James opined, a policy of Anarcho-Tyranny will reign over these multiculti communities (as it does now). Minority youth will be allowed to beat, rob and rape people with impunity. The solution to the rampant street crime will be to restrict everyone’s personal freedom for the sake of public safety. Of course. The Globalists seek to make everyone dependent on government for their livelihoods and personal safety. They oppose anything and everything that would make people independent and self-reliant.
James     Feb 4, 2018

Setting aside the creepy automation, simply outlawing personal vehicles and placing curfews on mass transit use—even outlawing pedestrian activity on side streets and restricting us to main routes for "our safety," will occur once the Left gains the executive branch again and will bloom with or without that in certain municipalities. There will come a time whence being caught in non videoed public space after dark will be punished by arrest.
Bob     Feb 3, 2018

Funny how those CCTV cameras never seem to work when it's some major "event".
Bob     Feb 3, 2018

To Mr. Bentham's point, the whole transport infrastructure is a massive social engineering mechanism. I might buy a cucumber from the farm ten miles away were it not cheaper - thanks to taxpayers' subsidy of roads, docks, airports - to source from Mexico, for example. Local commerce suffers to big business because mobility is under-priced, subsidized. Economies of scale are exaggerated.

Absent de jure segregation, whites achieve separation by distance. Moving to where blacks don't have easy and cheap access. Public transport distorts that calculation, denaturing the marginalization.

Freedom to travel isn't the same as free travel.
James     Feb 4, 2018

This is why, when advising people about urban flight on the eastern seaboard, I encourage them to get into the piedmont, to migrate above the rim of granite that borders the easily developed coastal plain at the foot of the Appalachians, as building mass transit is so much more difficult there. Look at a map of Hunt Valley, MD and you will see where the mass transit loops to an end just at the base of that stone rise along York Road and I-83.
Sam J.     Feb 4, 2018

I was just reading a post somewhere about how a new mass transit system cost was so high, as they all are, to build and run that they could buy every poor person a car and save a LOT of money.

This triggered a memory that Ronald Regan said that some public transit system, I think it was Florida, funding program would have been cheaper to buy everyone new Cadillacs. He was right too. The number bore it out.

"...I've worked on many radar problems and I'm skeptical we'll get to autonomous vehicles soon for the reason La Mano mentions. Radar works for collision avoidance..."

You're right but NOT if you take into account the massive increases in computer power. Look again at that GIF I linked to, over and over, that's real. It's some utopian techno. Computer power is about to REALLY speed up. It's happening right now. We got at the most 30 years before computers can anything your average 100 IQ fellow can do and many things they will able to done none of us will. They can share perfect memories and strategies to cope with situations at much higher than 100 Megabytes per second(way higher if they are close and use light). 4 bytes per second. I'm a total book worm and have read a massive amounts of stuff on all different kinds of subjects. They could do the same as I have in...a couple days maybe? It would all be there and they would never forget unless they wanted to.

The elites think they can control this, or thought so. I think they're getting the picture that they can't. Musk is an example.

By the way I have a crazy conspiracy, actually just a notion that it's possible, that Musk is a Jew, look at his background it's not out of the question, and he's building rockets to get the Jews off of earth.
James     Feb 4, 2018

At many hours during the day, if one figures the gas and driver cost of a Baltimore area bus, the paying patrons would not support that expense alone except during peak hours. Also, in Baltimore, 1 in 4 buses have malfunctioning cash meters, so much so that I once had a fighter who could not make weight for a fight, because the #15 bus had so many units with a broken cash meters that when he got off at night at the bus stop in front of the McDonalds he had enough money to buy 2 burgers!
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