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The Pay Sucks
And Keep on Trucking—But the Jerk Behind the Desk Does Read Your Emails
© 2018 James LaFond
Tony Cox has volunteered to help Lynn edit and proof the text regurgitated by my damaged brain for the zero-sum payday and has been nice enough to add another book to my must-read list, and in so doing has provided an uplifting vignette on border state dignity.
Thanks for the job. Me and Lynn already decided on a 60/40 split (she thinks she’s getting the 60, but you and me know better).
Say, I just happen to be rereading So His Master May Have Him Again at the same time I’m reading Mellville’s last novel, The Confidence Man. Your explanation of the origins and use of the word boy give a somewhat dark aspect to the Missourian bachelor in chapter 22, who is resisting buying a boy, as he has already gone through 30 of them, every race, and they’re all rascals.... 1857 that book was written. You could still buy yourself a white boy and nobody would think any less of you.
What a great country,
Venezuelan truck drivers hauling food are getting free lumper service.
The country is going hungry, shelves everywhere are empty, even doctors are turning tricks for food.....that turkey sandwich you’re munching on could get you laid in some parts of the western world. It’s interesting to see how people react when the system collapses. I find it telling that the townies would rather wait in the shadows on the side of the road to hijack trucks full of food, than to travel to the farms and food producing regions to offer themselves up as cheap labor. I imagine people in my city doing the same, robbing, killing, bitching, whining, and ultimately dying in the city, rather than walk 20 or 50 miles to a farm. I suppose in times like these, the relative stupidity of the masses is a blessing.
Tony, I'm posting that together with your proof reading email.
I do have a question for you.
I have written 10.5 novels in one series—science fiction that will probably never sell in the current climate and might sell after I'm dead.
Two of these have been edited and published by my niece.
But the other 8 have just been proofed by me—one 7 times! and you know what that means: typos.
Would you be interested in proof reading these things?
Here is the prequel novella to see if you are interested.
I've already published a million words in this series.
I'll send you the word file if it strikes your fancy.
Take care, man.
Tony, when you’re on board your onboard. You’re just too entertaining. I guess this makes us the Robert E. Howard and Lovecraft of the dying world they predicted while they were arguing…
Yeah, that’s perfect, I get to start with the prequel. I’ve been thinking about starting the Sunset Saga for awhile now. I’ll probably be a little bit slow at first, since I don’t have a computer just yet. I’m a Luddite. I never had a TV for like 11 years, and then some girlfriend a few years back, started complaining, “there’s nothing to do at your house except get drunk and listen to music and screw.....”. Bitch bought me a big screen TV for my birthday, and as soon as my kids saw it, they wouldn’t let me throw it away. Now, it sits in the living room, and the kids play video games on it. It’s technically still a TV, but I’ve never watched TV on it. What was the point of all that? Too much coffee out of the green thermos. That, and the provigil I buy from Singapore. I’d be honored to proof read your stuff.
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SidVic     Feb 19, 2018


James is collecting quite the collection of broken toys these days. PS liked the last podcast. However, James always sounds like he awoke from a 3 day bender in the first seconds! For the sake of Christendom, get up a couple minutes early and splash some cold water on the face.
Lynn     Feb 21, 2018

SidVic, would you believe we usually chitchat for 15 to 20 minutes before we start taping? He always sounds like he just woke up, and seems to save a special yawn-growl for the start of each podcast. That and kids yelling in the background form the unique charm of the Crackpot Podcast.
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