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And so the Aryan model is its own downfall. A super predator that must constantly purge new environments to make way for it's favored prey. Until there ceases to be new horizons and a hungry eye must begin to look inward.
Gwydion on Beef and Liberty
~ How Many Books are You...? ~
Pillaging The Cracked Pottery Before The World Library Gets Erased
Posted in Blog on Oct 3, 2021 — 4221 reads
An Overton Railroad Draft: #63 In The Unpublished Book List
Posted in Blog on Sep 9, 2021 — 3495 reads
In Case The POZ Button Gets Pressed
Posted in Blog on Nov 12, 2020 — 482 reads
Completed Search For An American Spartacus On 11/7/20 Almost Midnight
Posted in Histories on Nov 8, 2020 — 484 reads
Parting Notes On American Implosion: August 25 Thru September 2, 2020
Posted in Blog on Sep 2, 2020 — 377 reads
A Man Question From Justin: Updated 12/29/21
Posted in Gaming on Apr 18, 2017 — 10257 reads
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