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‘Wily and Mo’
Drugs Inc., The Baltimore Game and PCP in D.C.
© 2018 James LaFond
These episodes seem somewhat dated, with the Baltimore episode filmed in what must have been winter 2015, as they named Baltimore 6th ranked in murders but #1 in heroin—or heron as the stupid dindus say. Even in 2015 10% of Baltimore City residents were junkies, making 60,000 fiends who need to dispose of between $20 and $100 a day to stay out of withdraw. The famous Lexington market is actually profiled as a drug hub, though the narrator failed to not the strong smell of piss in the air.
‘Wily and Mo’ are to likable dindus running a profitable drug operation over five city blocks, employing a crew of 25 operators, five to each of the five teams.
Lamb is a fat, toothless, 29-year-old former stripper and junkie working as a hacker and prostitute to get her fix of scramble, which is heavily adulterated raw heroin.
The DEA operators are soulless suits sucking off the welfare tit every bit as much as the junkies and dealers.
The standout personality was Clement, a coal black fat boy of 39 years who has been dealing for 30 years and has never gotten caught. He blames white junkies from the outskirts for bringing law enforcement heat, but admits that he is looking to move operations into the suburbs to supply the booming demand. He says, at one point, ‘’Cause dis is cannibalism,” having a much less deluded picture of the industry than the DEA agents wearing their willful blinders.
Following on this episode I was quite entertained by the city with the largest police force in the world, Washington D.C., being so “drug dry” that the oppressed population gets high on black cooked PCP, with one dealer speaking of using PCO as a form of racial solidarity. Naked negroes running around D.C. throwing themselves in moving cars is as comical as one former dealer’s statement that when he finally “got out da game” and stopped dealing drugs that his mother accused him of letting her down, of cutting off her means of sustenance. The ER doctor who handles on average one PCP overdose a day indicated that there is a correlation with welfare distributions and overdoses as well as football games and overdoses.
The segment that best depicted the most evil city on earth, in my mind, was the two middle-aged, overweight, PCP freak transgender “females” one with a James Earl Jones voice, who manage to support 80-dollara day habits through prostitution with wealthy men! These creatures even have razor stubble chins and manage to ply their unsavory trade in the bowels of Mordor.
Drug Inc., also had a telling episode on Oakland on this night and as with all of these sympathy for the junky hero cop narratives, grossly overrate the motivation and frequency of drug gangs shooting it out with paramilitary narco squads, glorifying the militarization of a police force which makes not a dent in the drug trade and which seems armed for something far different than dragging stash house watchmen out of the bathtub they are hiding in.
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