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Black Gangs, Rick Ross & MS-13
Baruch and James Discuss the Slickest Generation
© 2018 James LaFond
I found this series of interviews with Rick Ross really interesting (the videos where he's in the blue shirt).
Would like to get your insights.
Things I noticed:
His demeanor. Very calm, no posturing, non-threatening. No bitterness.
James: This is why a White Devil will always chose the course of silence with feral negroes and the diplomatic course with magic negroes like Ross. When some hoodrat breaks bad on you, being quiet and confident reminds him, deep in his shallow subconscious, of the very few examples in his life when he has encountered a "maker-breaker" like Rose. "It wasn't my lane," is Rick's best line and a key to understanding his leopard-like cool.
His process for identifying and recruiting new employees-giving them $50 worth of free coke and seeing who came back for more.
James: He would have been a good grocer.
The apparent loyalty which he was able to command both from his employees and suppliers.
James: This stems from his cool, which you noted above and the way it is entwined with his high intelligence. Most ebony gutter rangers know that they are not smart enough to fathom the world, where you average ivory idiot thinks he knows what is up. This gives Ross and his ilk a Merlin like status among his own, which translates to high respect among Latinos and Anglos who know how difficult it is to deal directly with the violent fools men like Ross manage.
His emphasis on seeing things from the other guy's perspective.
James: The fact that he has this ancient hunter-warrior quality, despite the moral squalor he came up in, is hopeful from the masculine perspective, that no matter how debased we get, smart people with native character will find a sustainable way to be strong.
He points out that black gangs have no real leadership/organization/structure. Is this really true?
James: Black gangs are just rival brands. The real action is done at "set" or "clique" or "Krew" level, where bonds of friendship between 2 and 5 men who trust each other, perhaps since they grew up together, inform an actionable solidarity. Larger ebony organizations than that require a magic negro like Ross to enchant the various crews who tend to dissolve as soon as 1-3 of their members go down or out. The importance of deep friendships and a pinched sense of atomized brotherhood among ebony men of urban America cannot be overemphasized. Ross's statements on black gangs and the facts of intermittent cooperation puts an angle in play in the mind that Law Enforcement does not want out there. I have actually witnessed a crackhead auction off his pay check between two rival gangs of local blacks and West Indians. This was done in peace in brad daylight.
He was able to stay out of jail as long as he did by keeping a low profile, but the fact that he was as close to the customer as he was apparently exposed him to the local cops.
He apparently got his drugs from Nicaraguans who were getting them from the Colombians, and never tried to cut them out, which I guess kept him from popping up on the radar of the DEA/CIA.
James: I know we have all grown sick of movies featuring black gods, geniuses and scientists, since so much of that population barely manages to chew gum and walk. However, there are enough brilliant black men to actually guide their race along its natural arc, if only the puppet masters did not insist on continually elevating mixed-race women as the leaders of this shat upon population of orphans.
Was there anything he should have done differently, do you think?
James: If only he lacked a sense of morality he could have made good as a politician or NGO advisor. Imagine if the Mulatto Mafia had elevated this guy to President rather than Frothy Latte? The U.S. would own Africa rather than working as thugs for Chinese companies. I would support Ross as Trump's successor.
Also, here's an unintentionally funny video by Vice about the poor MS-13 gangbangers being deported by mean Trump back to Salvador where they're being capped by the local cops. Tragic loss for humanity. It's funny that the title is about them laughing at the crackdown, but the only ones who are laughing are two dudes hiding their faces while hiding in some dingy shithole.
James: Until now, it didn't occur to me that America might be where criminals are sent for punishment, to do high risk work under the nose of still intact law enforcement.
James: Thanks, Baruch. I hope all goes well on your frontier.
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SidVic     Jun 9, 2018

Ha ha that MS13 vid was funny. Those kids sitting on the mattress with faces covered calling Trump crazy! Tattoo removal and makeup to cover tats. My hillbilly uncle told me to never ever get a tattoo; cuz that how the government tracks you! I was tempted many times but did not because my paranoia won out over my desire to be cool.
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