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Banned by Amazon
Tracking James LaFond's Unpaid Advertisement Agency Activity
© 2018 James LaFond
From here on out, and since I cannot afford to pay for advertising, I have decided to dedicate this tag and this article, which I shall keep on the gaming page so that I can find it on the back end, to recognizing my great boon companions in publishing:
-It's Subsidiary Create Space
-My benevolent Censor or Censors, whoever, however many and wherever you may reside in your critical majesty
-Kindle, a subsidiary of Amazon, which has not yet joined the hunt for the Crackpot, but it is hoped, as we make more money on our own PDFs.
Thus far, the following measures have been taken, by the largest publishing entity in human history, to silence and further impoverish an impoverished author living on $10 TO $15 DOLLARS A DAY:
-January 2018, Autumn in a Dying City, "approved" by the automated Create Space system, and uploaded for sale as a Create Space print book and Kindle e-book, was "supressed" without notification as a print book but remained listed as a Kindle. The author's query was met with a generalized answer that the book had violated Create Space guidelines, which, as written indicate that if anything in any book might offend anybody anywhere for any reason, it can be suppressed.
June 2018, The Fighting Edge, on sale through Amazon since 2000, was suppressed without notice, with no answer made to my query.
-June 2018, The Logic of Steel, on sale through Amazon since 2001, was suppressed, without notice, with no answer to my query.
These 2 vintage books may still be sold by everyone on planet earth, through Amazon, except for James LaFond, as the used listings have not been suppressed, only my ability to print them, even for myself. Their removal from my catalogue reduced my royalty income by 25%. Also, this action corelated with a Twitter survey, a day previous, my editor had done to determine which of my titles readers most wanted to hear me discuss on a podcast, for which The Logic of Steel was the overwhelming favorite. This was obviously a simple attempt to attack my most profitable title.
-July 1, 2018, The suppressed Fighting Edge and Logic of Steel books were erased from the back end of the POD platform, unlike Autumn in a Dying City, which is still ghosted on the back end as suppressed.
-July 1, 2018 Barbarism versus Civilization, an un-proofed manuscript, placed on the back end of the POD platform, was suppressed, with no content check yet possible by the logarithm or offense possibly noted by a reader, third would nation, soul-eating corporation, sissy fraternity, rabid interest group, jilted girlfriend, savage NGO or Amazon staff beyond the title, for, as a draft, it could be known to no one on earth—not even the author, who is fickle and brain-damaged and generally forgets half of what he wrote the next day—what the final content and even title might be.
-July 24, 2018, with alternative publishing platforms established, this dissident crackpot writer has nominated Amazon's subsidiary corporation, Create Space as his advertising agency. Henceforth, every book draft will by submitted to Amazon in sincere hope that it will be banned by Amazon, so that the banner BANNED BY AMAZON may be proudly displayed on the cover. Publishing under alternative means has and will reduce the number of books I can get into circulation, with reduced volume sufficient to reduce my already pathetic income. However, since, in 2018, I reduced my income from $80K a year to $10K to write fulltime, and thence in late 2017, to $3K a year in order to improve and accelerate output, my Censor's twin goals of impoverishing me and declaring that my writings are AGAINST THE WORLD which I see as evil, places us in harmony. Since my goal is obviously not making money, but making an impact in the area of literary inquiry, than Amazon's every choice to censor my work is in perfect congruence with my desire to offer an alternative view of our world.
I would appreciate it if my Censor or Censors [I hope one of you is a hot millennial babe] would hire some thugs to beat me up so I can start getting paid for survival seminars...and maybe a roast, like Dean Martin used to do, where everyone who has had to put up with me could gather and make fun of my reliable use of their for there for they're, and so on, into the night of this misspent life—that would be a crowning infamy.
Thank you Amazon, your every knife in the back is a feather in my cap.
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Sam J.     Jul 25, 2018

"...These 2 vintage books may still be sold by everyone on planet earth, through Amazon, except for James LaFond, as the used listings have not been suppressed, only my ability to print them, even for myself..."

If you could find a place to get them printed you could sell them as used, like new condition, all day long.
James     Jul 25, 2018

I just can't afford to print anything, so I've offered to give it to someone who has money to print under another format. Amazon has the only free platform. The others that say they're free are not and the writer has to act as a bookseller, which I'm not willing to take from writing to do.

I think part of this censorship is to try to slow down my writing and research and get me bogged down in running interference and doing promotions.
PR     Jul 27, 2018

Castalia House uses this to print:

How much do you need to print your best-selling titles?
James     Jul 27, 2018

I will forward this to my agent [who works for free, of course].

Thanks so much for the help, PR.

I feel better about getting suppressed by Amazon every day.

That was one of the first steps in that beast's extinction and I'm lucky to be the insect they stubbed their toe squashing, a toe that will hopefully fester as new printers pop up to fill in the niche.

I can tell you, that I will never do a print run. I will only to POD.
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