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'Create Space Hold'
A Thought Crime Recategorized
© 2018 James LaFond
The following 4 listings are copied from the backend of my Create Space POD account.
At The End of Masculine Time 5339102 Available September Royalties Order Copies
Autumn in a Dying City 7818450 CreateSpace Hold September Royalties Order Copies
Barbarism vs. Civilization 8716749 Suppressed September Royalties Order Copies
Behind the Sunset Veil 5371055 Available September Royalties Order Copies
As Amazon switches its POD platform from Create Space over to Kindle, the back end of the publishing sites have been changing. Interestingly, Autumn in a Dying City has been upgraded to a live title which I might discuss with customer service. However, I still may not buy or sell that item.
Interesting, the next item down in the alphabetical catalogue, Barbarism versus Civilization, has the title, code and ability to order my own copies ghosted out, although I am mysteriously permitted to earn royalties on it, and it does not exist as a finished book, but merely as a draft. Below I explain the listing differences in detail as most will not show up on this articles.
Autumn in a Dying City is underlined in blue, meaning I can click on this title to discuss it with customer service.
Barbarism vs. Civilization is ghosted, meaning I may not discuss this title with customer service, delete it, withdraw it, change it, etc. This is a thought crime listing I am powerless to erase or even repent.
Autumn in a Dying City is Active
Barbarism vs. Civilization is ghosted
Autumn in a Dying City is listed as Create Space Hold, with Create Space underlined in red, indicating that this suppression, for it was formerly listed as a suppression, was handled through Create Space channels. I may click on this link if I wish to investigate. However, I have already given the rights to publish this title in print to another party.
Barbarism vs. Civilization is listed as suppressed in ghosted text, disabling me from queering the POD platform about this.
September Royalties:
Autumn in a Dying City has been enabled, suggesting that Amazon’s other subsidiary, Kindle, which is taking over POD publishing, does not have a problem with the title, which they should not as they have sold about 7 of them as ebooks.
Barbarism vs. Civilization royalties are disabled
The only aspect of the status of these two titles which is the same is that I am not permitted to print a copy for my own use of either book.
The listings before and after these in the catalogue are included for context.
The Fighting Edge and The Logic of Steel, which were both suppressed and then deleted at the same time that Barbarism vs. Civilization was suppressed and kept on que, have reappeared as drafts, which I am not permitted to sell, but which I might order copies of for my own use. I have the option of going live on these titles and trying to get them through the censorship process. However, I have already given the rights to reissue these books to another party.
We live in fascinating times.
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