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Paladin versus Viking
A Modern Agonistics Blunt Steel Duel
© 2018 James LaFond
The Viking has lost a hundred pounds and shows a good highline defense. Note that he is taller than the Paladin but coils and limits his height, increasing his drive and minimizing his vulnerability to the faster-handed small man. This was an excellent strategy but the execution floundered at 19 seconds when he went too low, which is the temptation of this style of fighting.
The Viking would have been better served going to the Paladin's shield side, checking high with the shield, stepping past the foe's shield with the right foot and a backhand slash to the guts to try and lock his hips in a head forward posture, and only striking deep once that position was achieved, as the lighter man can be expected to have a better side to side. Mixing this with a right-left pass slash might eventually permit the straight thrust, but to the high or mid line, not low line.
Good job, men.
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Bob     Sep 29, 2018

Those blades sound heavy. I'm impressed.
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