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Teutonic Fist and Jams Discussed Cuckold Cutlery
You know when I still was active in the whole tactical and survivalism stuff I often encountered fat slobs who talked about their fucking 200 cuck buck tacticool super soldier commando knifes all day and these modern knifes for the most part fucking suck. I mean what the fuck can you change much about a knife. I rather have some knife from a time when they were actually used to kill people then this fetish stuff from nowadays.
Check out also the V-42 Combat knife and the modern rehersal the V-10 Combat Knife. Other WW2 Combat knifes that resemble the classical Dagger are the SAS Fairbairn–Sykes Fighting Knife and the M3 Combat knife. After the War my Gramps used his SA Dagger to slaughter pigs. A knife that gained some renown is the American World War 1 1918 Trench Knife with the Knuckle Duster Grip , but these were never used since they just got to Europe when the War was already over. German soldiers during World War 1 used mostly double edged Hunting Knifes, Deer Catchers(Hirschfänger) until official combat knifes got introduced since the bayonets at that time were usually too long to be useful in hand to hand combat. The official Combat Knifes(Trench Daggers) were then often fashioned after the Hunting Knifes with deer antler grips. The later Version of the official Infantry Knife during WW2 clearly resembles a classical dagger . Modern Bayonets are often machete formed like the mid cold war AKM bayonet and the Army M9 Bayonet is modelled after that. The Idea was basically that when you ram it into someone you ram it upwards and so the blade form is meant to hook into some fabric or gear of the enemy and penetrate from there. That was the idea but outside from war crimes there is actually no real documentation that bayonets were ever used and that’s why many modern armies just abandoned them.
I have long noted that fetishized weapons, that is when the fetish has become intrinsic to the functional design, such as saw teeth on combat knives, and thin shafts on Chinese staves so as to impart a dramatic waggle-jaggle effect that the combatant himself is always lacking in:
-1. Conditioning
-2. Mental toughness
-3. Contact practice
-4. Combat experience
-5. Operational adaptability
These people are meat in blade terms and when called upon to deploy their weapons have demonstrated three behaviors:
-1. Terminal hesitation
-2. Brandishing rather than stroking
-3. And when they do stroke, stroking either without resolve or with a single committed stroke prior to aborting combat and melting down.
There may be the occasional fit and insanely driven nut-job out there with a designer knife, particularly something like the Gerber boot dagger. However the overall mental profile of the person who has invested hundreds of dollars in a carry blade is weakness, with the persons most likely to try and end your life with a sharp or pointed weapon being those who use blades or shanks of the lowest possible material value, primarily scrap made shanks, misused tools [like screwdrivers] and the dollar store butcher knife.
Thought Crimes: Against the Goddess
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BobOct 15, 2018

That gear-cuck is so me I blushed reading, ha ha! I am, however, self-aware enough to discipline that inner faggot.

Truth is, I like functional knives with premium steel because I use them all the time. Honed razor-sharp, they're a joy to use and safer.

Never would I invest in a "tactical" knife. The odds of me being in a life-threatening situation are long to start with, and that I actually to put a knife - under duress - in someone, negligible.

Even if, against all odds, I did, that inner fucking faggot will be nagging me all through the court proceedings with "I told you so!"

You say "tactical", the DA says "premeditated". The semantics might hurt more than the assault.
Bryce SharperOct 15, 2018

I finally ordered the Lakonia from Atlanta Cutlery. Basically any carving knife will work.

There are a lot of knife cucks on YouTube. They are all fat or are selling some sort of unworkable knife attack/defense system. Your suggestions in "The Violence Project" are the best. If only I could find a training partner. Training partners seem to be the hardest part of learning combatives.
BobOct 15, 2018

The inner gear-faggot insists that I be stabbed in the gut with a Chris Reeve Sebenza, titanium scales and a CPM S35VN hollow-ground blade. No less will do!
BobOct 15, 2018

Isn't it pretty much common sense to dispose of corpus delicti? That mother-of-pearl and damascus steel number might be painful to part with. (Maybe, if some micro-fragment of the metal were recovered from tissue or bone by forensics, the suspect pool could be reduced, all the more so if the alloy were exotic).
BobOct 16, 2018

Here's a good machete duel that illustrates force and intent are what really count. Interesting that the blow to the head is less debilitating here than one to the arm.
responds:Oct 15, 2018

Thanks, Bob

I should do a video on countering these very dangerous and very poorly executed attacks.

Very good example of High-T Low-IQ combat with blades.
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