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Gidday Mate
Crackpot Mailbox: John Saxon & James Discuss the Australian Invasion
© 2018 James LaFond
...being made meat down under
Scots cagefighter 'left for dead' after cabbie beat him ...
A Scots backpacker has told how he was "left for dead" in the street after he was brutally attacked by a taxi driver with a crowbar. Former cagefighter Euan Fraser, 30, said the cabbie beat him ...
-John Saxon
Mister Saxon, I appreciate this heads up from down below.
We are sons of the Arctic and Antarctic plantation seeded from the evil cunt mother country of Britannia with the miserable castoffs who were our forefathers, so I sense a strong connection.
I am aware, from your writing, of the massive influx of violent foemen to your nation, the fact that you may not publish your opinions in print [only global ebooks] and that self-defense is effectively against the law, that gangs of migrants from alien lands, all military age males, have been invited in to attack you and yours.
These things have happened here numerous times over 400 years and is currently happening again, with the goal now not specific ethnic replacement but a sweeping macro-racial replacement of Caucasian humans, which I expect to crest in 2030 with a million strong boat lift from Nigeria to Florida.
As to the specifics of this account, I was only able to read the first line about the man being attacked by a cabbie with a crow bar after what he thought was a harmless conversation about religion. You see, this news site attacked my tiny computer—or perhaps my xenophobic and intolerant device simply would not accept the massive download of commercials as it has apparently internalized my allergy to media capitalization…
What wisdom can we glean from the young Bloke’s misfortune?
Islam makes no excuses [like American Christianity] for being a witless jock.
Weapons trump MMA.
If you must combat an MMA stud, use a crowbar—best tool-weapon going.
If you are an MMA muscle machine and look the part, you might want to learn weapon fighting, because no sandman is going to go tooth and nail with you.
In a world dedicated to hate, there can be no innocent conversation, only managed interactions with potential foes and allies. In the old way, every man was an enemy until he was sorted out. We are returning, happily, to that day, when misspeaking can get you killed, when men are men again and the violent-minded must be handled with forethought.
This does not mean simple ass-kissing, but could include a deftly timed antagonism of the cabbie so that he will react more impulsively than in the planned manner indicated by our jock’s surprise. One should have praised the Maddi, sung of the glories of Herat, Mecca and Medina then [do not impugn his matchless Prophet] shortchanged the man and whispered, “I fart in the beard of the signers of the Hadith!”
There is more to being a man than fighting in a cage like an animal and then pretending to be a friend to all.
I hope young Euan recovers fully in body and begins developing his predation sense, what made us men in the first place.
Turd America
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Bob     Nov 1, 2018

I'm sorry for the guy, but can't help wondering how much he'd had to drink on his night out, and whether that might have loosened his tongue and caused harsh words to emerge as well as compromising his motor-skills. The Prophet hates the drunk as well as the faithless.
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