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Fuck, bud.
Are you really so threatened by the existence of black people?
© 2018 James LaFond
I would like to give my regular readers time to finish laughing about some fuck-nut actually asking me this, since most of you people think I'm a negro-loving race traitor.
commented on ‘Wolf’s Oil’ Nov-9-2018 3:47 AM UTC
Fuck, bud. Are you really so threatened by the existence of black people?
James responded on Nov-14-2018 at 4:23 PM:
I am not threatened by the existence of black people at all.
In the last town I was in, a number of black men welcomed me, a stranger in heir midst, at a mixed race bar and bought me drinks while two men who appeared to me to be Аrуаn Brotherhood members of nasty Caucasian parentage eyed me for a robbery.
You obviously know almost nothing about my background so I will post an amplified response as an article now.
True, I was attacked by black men 18 times in Baltimore City and Baltimore County in 2017, but I was attacked 3 times by whites also. I was physically threatened by these black men but never felt threatened by their presence as a racial group, as I know that these abused and neglected souls have been turned into feral predators by a white-run system dedicated to my erasure.
You refer to my review of a movie in which the leading man, a white character, was replaced by a mixed race actor, who was nowhere near black, just like I am nowhere near white. These terms black and white, assigned as nouns to macro-zoological racial groups billions strong are simple devices to get us to hate each other on an unprecedented scale along artificial lines for the benefit of our white owners and masters in government, media and corporate globalism. I am one of the few men on this planet who has discovered the origin of the term white as a race, by the way, and it is of recent and nefarious origin.
Some of my history:
In 1983 I took over as night captain of an all white night crew and fired and hired lazy team members until I had a high functioning, all black night crew. 2 white men I fired tired to kill me, with a GTO and a Ford pickup respectively.
In 1984 I adopted my white stepson and attempted to adopt a brother for him. My wife and I went to the Baltimore City agency that handled this and tried to adopt a black boy [the 3 whites available had extreme issues, one was a child rapist, one dying and the other one was 10 years older than Vance. A white female social worker fought my adopting of my step son [and lost] based on the fact my wife stayed at home with our boy and that I worked a lot of hours. Then two black female social workers disallowed our adoption of Jerry—he did have a name—on the basis that we were white, and presumably evil.
In 1984, when I fired my first back man, he cried race and I won the EOC case, with the two black women that heard the case calling me a "hero." I was henceforth not permitted to fire blacks, only whites, which resulted, eventually, in 1989, with a platform member of Baltimore Area Skinheads hiring four members of the Wasted Youth white street gang to kill me for hiring blacks and firing whites. They stabbed the wrong man and the Аrуаn Brotherhood decided to forgive my racial firing record [partially because that wrong man was an AB member] because a member knew that I had adopted a white son and most white racist gang members have no fathers.
Fast forward to 2003-10 when I lived with black woman, who I remain close to, and whom I spent a week with this past October.
Do I have to go on, Sir?
What I was pointing out in the movie review was the rock solid truth that images of white men in film and on TV are being replaced by images of black men, and that those black men are almost always paired with blonde white women. This is actually so predominant I can recall this from the past week exposed to TV at a friends house.
-Every Baltimore area News cats has an anchor team composed of a black man and a white women, who is usually blonde, and the black man always differs to the woman as the leader when, as the man, he should lead off.
-A Doctor Zeus show for children with the lead characters a blonde girl and a black boy.
-Numerous child programs, 5 to be exact, pairing blonde females with black or mixed face males.
-Two educational ads pairing a white girl with a black boy
Not once in three days of viewing did I see a single depiction of a black girl and boy together or a white girl and boy together in the children's programing. The current norm is never depicted, but rather its most extreme opposite! If that doesn't bespeak social engineering, an attack on all of our distinctions, that what would?
Who is it that is so infatuated with blonde women and black men?
These pairing are grossly out of proportion to current reality, with black men making up only 10% of men nationally and blonde women around 5%.
I recently went to see the movie Overlord, with a close black friend, a fine man who is dating a white woman, who he brought with him to see the movie, about the allied invasion of National Socialist Europe. Factually, Black men were not integrated into America combat units in this war, on this front [that happened in 1952 in Korea after the heroic black men of the 24th infantry were so ill-served by their white officers], unlike the German military which did employ black African troops and in integrated units. [And Jessy Owens, despite media lies, was treated like a hero by the "Nazis" [a slur that means rat] who went to great lengths to point out how poorly whites treated blacks in America and that blacks were very well treated in Germany, which they were, even being permitted full access to white women at public venues. [1] Yes, there were black Nazis! However, the commanding officer and the hero of the American airborne troops are black—black men replacing white historical figures. This is not all. The black hero is not permitted to be heroic unless defending white women from white men. Even though the brother has been placed in the white soldier's uniform, he is not permitted to go kick ass, but is a cry baby who follows reluctantly and his leader, who is a blonde, blue-eyed white psychopath who does all the heavy lifting, and, like most current white heroes either commits suicide or remains celibate. In this case he blows himself up to save the brother who saves the girl. Overlord, in its casting and subtext, is an attack on white men and black men!
Where are the black babes on the Baltimore news? They only let them do street reporting along with the Asian chicks and white brunettes. I like black women as women and have devoted much time to working with and coaching black men. They are letting one fine ebony queen do the morning weather on Fox 45. And fine is right—I'd kill ten sissy white hipster men to mate with her. Hell, make it 20, she'd want to know I worked for it.
Where do you see the fear, Sir.
Where were you in 2014-17 as I tirelessly debated white nationalist readers who tried to convince me that black people are naturally evil?
I shall go on. In 2016 a large, young black man tried to sneak up on me and when I stopped this through aware positioning, he flashed me an angry look and called the police. A white female cop then showed up and began screaming at me while holding her gun until a black male cop and black neighbors calmed her down and determined I was not a threat to the community. Those neighbors regarded me as "Our white man," kind of like a pet yeti.
Was I threatened by the black thug?
Physically yes, but mentally no. I defeated him with my woke devil mind. My yeti magic made of his caper a thing tragic.
Shall I go on?
In the late 1990s 2 black dudes tried to rob me on Hanover and Fort in SOBO until I deployed the Othello knife and they began accusing me of threatening them. A white women then called the police on me—white police—who chased me across SOBO and even searched for me in the street I entered, asking a black female coworker if I was there, and that baby doll lied for me against the police, against the white bitch, against the black thugs...all on the same white-trash-hating team.
Further, of the 28 times I was harassed and threatened and stalked and chased by cops, they were only black on 4 occasions.
Here is more, mister courageous anonymous, In 2009 I demoted a white assistant manger, a cop who worked with me part time, a white cop who threatened my life for demoting him, a big fucker with a gun. I replaced him with a white man, who I demoted, who I replaced with Kevin Richardson, a fine young black man from down South, who was the only good assistant manger I ever had out of 5, 2 being white and 3 being black.
I don't know exactly how blind you are to what is going on in this world, but you might want to note that most ESPN programming has white women running round tables of former black athletes, who are coached on submissive body language even as the white woman uses slave-mistress body language and imperious tonal inflections. I saw a bedding ad while in NYC in which the white woman and black husband bought a bed and she spooned him! He should have been spooning her ass.
In almost every add commercial you will see the white man depicted as a fool.
In almost every movie and TV crime drama, the bad guy is white, even in situations, such as the remake of Death Wish with Bruce Willis set in 2016 Chicago, in which the city currently terrorized by black gunmen is depicted as terrorized by white gunmen.
The current media agenda is this:
Demonize white men.
Heroize black men.
Put black men beneath white women in submissive roles.
You see, the government emasculated black men in 1965, effectively denying them head of household and fatherhood status, unless they played white and went to college and kissed white ass. Now they are being depicted as sex toys and step-en-fetch boys for mostly blonde white women, which is a further attack on black masculinity. Black men on TV are depicted as hero cops and deadbeat dads and charity cases [look at daytime TV, bro]. Even a hero cop is an ass-kissing machine devoted to the white corporate hierarchy.
The entre white system is geared towards destroying masculinity, tabooing what it is to be a man one step at a time. In the past, the government did this stuff. These days it is a media job. The most popular long-running crime drama, Criminal Minds, had a 10 plus year run in which white men were depicted as the only serial killers, and the hero of the crew, a mixed-race "black" man, is saddled with a back story which includes being anally raped by another black man and all of his approval comes from female teammates, not the patronizing white supervisors.
These are powerful messages and to ignore them is to ignore the social consitioning that the largely stupid masses of America are conditioned to.
In the recent campaign to reelect white governor Hogan of Maryland, a large black man, a community activist, spoke glowingly of Hogan, saying that he was shocked that the governor came to help his project and stunningly said that it was surprising to find out that "a white republican" could "be a human being." This little promo indicates that this man assumes that white men who are republicans are inhuman—effectively indicating that the demonization campaign by the mass media, depicting white men as either fools or stone cold killers, has been successful.
So you think I'm going to be against a black James Bond, right?
Wrong, James Bond should be black.
-1. He is a slick dresser with an undersized pistol.
-2. He drives cool cars and doesn't have his own house.
-3. He takes his orders from a white woman, even calls her Mum.
-4. He can't say no to good pussy even if the bitch is out to kill him.
-5. Almost all of his housing is provided by women.
-6. He is a foot soldier for globalism.
Keep in mind that I have worked closely with hundreds of black men and that I am guilty of all of the above except for 3 and 6.
Am I threatened by the existence of black people?
No, I am threatened by the existence of a world-spanning corporate/government machine which seeks to reduce all men to drones and all of us in our distinct races to one golden-skinned race of meat puppets.
I hope you don't mind waking up from the media coma you've been in.
Thanks for the fuel. I was having a bad day until your comment came up.
However, you indicated in your statement a judgment of me that, in mass media groupthink would suggest I want to see blacks as a group exterminated. I expect an apology, Sir. If you are not up to tendering one I respectfully ask that your cowardly white ass stop reading my site. To quote my favorite YouTube personality, the peerless and "crispy" Tommy Sotomayor, "Fuck you and goodnight."
PS: As I post this, back in Harm City, I am listening to the white woman next door, behind me in the next row house, beat her mixed race child with her fists as she screams obscenities at him and his father [a nice dude who said good morning to me 4 hours ago] is not even raising his voice to stop it. She just threw him down the stairs and he is crying hysterically at the base of their stairs behind me where I set in a recliner with two worried dogs hiding under their blankets from the evil that men do... Not my business—posting as he moans tearfully through the wall.
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LaMano     Nov 14, 2018

Obviously someone who's skimmed something you wrote, filtered it through his CNN rainbow lens, drawn a very stupid conclusion, and made a comment that he'd never make in person.

Good response, but it'll mean nothing to him, only to people who actually read what you write.

I just realized that that's probably the plan anyhow ..... !!
    Nov 14, 2018

Great analysis.
Bob     Nov 15, 2018

"White" is integral to the contrived "Person of Color" project. The Coalition of the Ascendant needs a enemy, an Other, to quiet their disparate and competing agendas.
Lynn     Nov 15, 2018

Objection! You do not drive cool cars, James, but you can check this one off when you cruise with Tony.
    Nov 16, 2018

Editorial oversight at its finest.
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