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Kindle Quality Notice
Open Quality Warning or Suppression
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When all accounts were switched over from create Space to Kindle, which is set up for one-time book writers, not publishers, it became obvious that to check my titles for censorship issues would take me 2-3 hours a day as opposed to so many minutes using the Create Space spread sheet. Lately, I have taken comfort in the fact that Kindle has been retooled with censorship in mind and that they will begin letting me know when I've been a bad boy.
7:38 AM (9 hours ago)
to me
Below is the weekly status of titles with quality issues in your eBook catalog as of 25 Feb 2019, 07:38:40 -0500..
•Number of titles removed from sale: 0
•Number of titles with quality warnings: 0
•Number of titles with open issues: 0
Please address the quality issues Needing Your Review on the Quality Issues Dashboard by clicking here or from the notification at the top of your KDP Bookshelf.
For more information about the dashboard and specific book errors (including why some errors are more critical than others), see our Help page:
For a complete guide to building a book for Kindle, see the Kindle Publishing Guidelines:
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