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Crackpot Industries Letter to Shareholders 2018
© 2019 James LaFond
Letter to Shareholder
As usual, Stevedore Jackson, who not only writes for this crazy cracka but plays da blues on his gytar on those rare occasions when LaFond tries to string more than three words together to ease his caveboy mind of it's Caucasian obsessions—receives no credit from the crackocracy! It is an in justice! En do some fine white woman call ole Stevedore up every other weak to talk about what he thinks about the state of human errors? No! Riddle me that—sounds prejudicial if you ask me. Now I finally know why they call it ghost writing.
-Stevedore "Put the G in Ghostwriter" Jackson
To: James LaFond
Re: Crackpot Industries Letter to Shareholders 2018
Dear Mr. LaFond,
2018 was a banner year for Crackpot Industries. I want to highlight our successes and our trajectory for 2019, but first, I will give you a quick recap of 2017 to show how far we have come in such a short time. When I joined in late 2016, you were struggling to keep track of the number of books you had in print. I spent the first half of 2017 cataloging your works in a massive spreadsheet, using Amazon searches and your own website as sources. The Crackpot Podcast was born in June of 2017 and we published 20 episodes that year, as well as some other videos. Before the year was over, I had edited and published Masculine Axis and Autumn in a Dying City, the latter of which was banned by Amazon, the opening salvo in a war on your writing that would continue into 2018.
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