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Some Thoughts on the First-Person Shooter Future: Part 2 of 2
© 2019 James LaFond
After viewing the first-person shooter video from Christ Church, of passive supplicants huddled in loose piles, accepting the military grade attention of a very cold-blooded killer with the soft whimpering of a virgin having her hymen torn, I was struck by the congruence of the recent calls for gun control around the world and even the Chinese-American Democratic candidate’s statement to Asian American supporters, to the effect that there is going to be an American Race War and people need to get out in front of it by recognizing that the most dangerous humans on the planet are white men and that right-thinking politicians need to give these latent psychopaths a basic universal income with the giving hand of government, even as the far larger, taking hand of state, denies gun ownership.
There may be no connection between the above, though my cracked pot of a brain went there as if by instinct. What does show a solid connection is this event, the Las Vegas Mass Shooting and the JFK Assassination, all according to official sources, committed by lone gunmen [you know, the guys that survivalists say could never go it alone] who were also Caucasian international men of mystery, traveling the bleaker parts of the world where only Deep State intelligence agencies have reliable networks to support such pointless tours.
There then comes the news that:
-a man has been jailed indefinitely for posting the video in the nation where it happened,
-sites reposting the video are being taken down,
-a defender at the second Mosque was first said to have driven off the shooter with a gun and then later, the story was corrected to depict a credit-card machine as the savior talisman,
-laws are being proposed to render the identity of mass shooters anonymous in order to punish their supposed aspirations to infamy, which will permit Deep State management of the very same recyclable mass murderer as he is released over and over again to recommit his crime in service to his masters
-and finally, the impression that the target audience for this news seems to be predominantly American and yet this obvious Deep State Psi Op was not conducted in the U.S., the population of which is the ultimate target of the Global Army of Peaceful Occupation that will prevent such things from happening in the future, but in some nation where the possession of the weapons used is supposed to be impossible.
It is obvious that this shooting in New Zeeland, whether by intention or media reinvention, is primarily of interest to those who seek to disarm Pale America on the eve of its pending massive replacement by cheaper and more easily controlled armies of Asiatic, Latin American and African immigrants. Based on these gathering impressions, I will take a leap into the deep end of the Conspiracy Pool by suggesting that at some point in the not too distant future the following laws and government initiatives will be enacted:
-Universal Facial Recognition Full Video Array Mandate, to insure that no mass killer can go undetected
-Mass Shooter Anonymity Legislation, denying infamy to mass killers
-Give Me Back My Bullets, by southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, will be rerecorded by Kid Rock, and serve as his headline song, dressed as Uncle Sam, taking a 10 year, National Gun Buy In tour, in which concert goers will gain entry by bringing firearms, ammunition and clips to the FEMA concert venues… You know this is going to sell out, so stop shaking your head.
-The Universal Facial Recognition Behavioral Prediction Center at Quantico, Virginia will be dedicated to the martyrs of mass shootings and instituted to prevent further martyrdom by facilitating the timely arrest of mass shooters, not only before they act, but before they decide to begin planning their heinous crimes against humanity!
“Give me back my bullets!”
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