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'As Your Attorney...'
Crackpot Mailbox: A Holistic Barrister Issues a Warning to the Cracked Pottery
© 2019 James LaFond
It was nice to meet up with someone whom I can speak freely with about all the different tribes of degenerates that populate the New York Cesspool. Most people I know are hamstrung between the truth of their observations and their sjw superego.
Why the heck are you returning to the east coast waste dump? You really gonna harsh that Portland mellow?
I really don't like Portland all too much but hands down it soothes the New American Warzone PTSD produced by Baltimore, NY(certain areas), Chicongo, DC, and so on. "As your attorney, I advise you to rent a very fast car and a girl with no top. They is a plenty in Portland. And you'll need the cocaine (or somma that wine with a handle). Tape recorder for special messages. Acapulco shirts and fencing masks. Stay the hell out of the East Coast for at least another 2 years." Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Badlands and the locale of Custer's Last Stand, Devil's Tower, bang some rich babes in Aspen, White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, adopt a horse in ShowLow AZ (gubmint is giving $1000 to adopt feral horses now) Merimac Caverns and Jesse James' hideout, Anzo Borrego National Forest, 4 Corners, Organ Pipe National Forest, Strawberry Falls, Estes Park. You got some gettin' to do....But if'n Zeus throws that lightning and you decide to drive that railway chariot back to this side of the country...Well I sure will come out and meet up. Let me know what dates and when you figure to abandon all good sense and return.
Also what size shirt do you wear and is there an address you can receive usps?
Unfortunately I can't remember my address and I'm at the café and can't just look at my host's mail.. but its 2X.
Thanks for the good advice, Banjo Man, but three of our knucklehead colleagues are fighting in May and I'm supposed to build my grandson an obstacle course, so I'm heading back for the Leased Coast for the late spring and early summer.
I will be returning to the Rockies for late summer and early autumn and thence I know not where at this time. I left not a week too soon last year, as after three months shopping at the local grocer in the high Country a likely lass with long black hair and an ass big enough to set a can of Mount Rainier on, was beginning to smile at and talk to me, caught as she was in the last desperate throes of her 30s and trying to deal with her daddy issues. 35-year-old shorties with big asses were impossible for me to say no to when I was 35. If I do a deep dive into one of those at this age I might want to live again, and that would be disastrous for my writing, the entirety of which has been conceived and pursued as a partition from this relentless world...
I have decided, however, that if I spot a human trafficker escorting a Latina or Sushi slice of servitude on the train, that I will do the wrong thing and abduct the abducted... If I hadn't been so sick on the way west in January I might have committed such an infamy.
See you when the Gotham Grins, Banjo. I've promised a lady one last visit to that den of despair.
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Manny     Mar 27, 2019

Modern day slave hunter. Return them to the whiteful owner.
James     Mar 28, 2019

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