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‘Would You Guide a Group of Young Men?’
Crackpot Mailbox: ‘In an Introduction to Combat and Fitness?’ Maximus Rex Wants to Know
© 2019 James LaFond
“We would be happy to pay for your time.”
-Maximus Rex
I have been asked something similar before, and the answer is yes, if your group can get to where I am or get me to where they are and then make some kind of compensation available, preferably your nutty aunt, but I’ll accept food, books, booze, clothes and cash…
I have no set session length or price. Donate what it’s worth to you and I’ll be glad to spit in the eye of the System that wants more than anything to thrive on your productive vulnerability.
#1 No one gets hurt
#2 Everyone walks away with a function they did not walk on with
#3 Each man has solo conditioning exercises customized for him
#4 The first session will involve light, safe contact action with myself or one of my fighter
What to Bring?
-Each man should have a question or concern about combat which we will address verbally in the huddle and then in training
-Declare any injuries or conditions. If you are a werewolf, please be courteous and let us know.
-Wear what you normally wear in some situation in which you are concerned with your safety. If it’s a business suit change out the slacks to more durable full-length pants.
-Bring a magazine, that’s right, a magazine.
-Bring whatever training gear you would like to use and we will discuss its use and how it can fit into the session in the huddle.
-Bring a bottle of water or sports drink.
The Session
The session can be 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. If it’s longer than 4, we’ll need to take a lunch.
The word “learn” used below means you will be assisted with and actually practice using the method. This practice will be with an experienced person, in rotation, with the men out of rotation observing closely the activity that they will do or have done themselves. This facilitates learning better than breaking off in pairs and having a roving instructor.
-1. Huddle
We will introduce ourselves. The men will then present their question or concern, as in what they want to learn to deal with or do, and I can clue them in on what kind of gear they should acquire based on that desire.
-2. Basics
This will consist of basic body mechanics [using a modified boxing posture] and solo non-equipment dependent conditioning drills. If this is in a gym with gear the basics will be split into a second apparatus section, hitting bags etc.
-3. Unarmed
You will learn the basics of not getting knocked out, mugged, etc.
-4. Incidentally Armed
You will learn how to defend and attack with a magazine.
-5. Blades
Basic knife uses and countermeasures, from criminal approach postures to actual dueling with knives, will be covered. We will finish up by stabbing and slicing each other with dull practice knives so you can appreciate how ridiculous an idea knife fighting is.
-6. Sticks
The use of extension weapons, such as bats, canes, crowbars and windshield scrapers for defense begins with basic stroke patterning, and then sparring, using footwork adapted for maximum ass-saving. This is where you will learn how to deal with all of the machete attacks that will plague the U.S. in the post 2024 nation. If I have a fighter on hand we will do a demonstration bout so that the men who have not been in combat will get an idea of how the intensity amp-up effects the method dynamics.
-7. Review
I will give you an idea what proficiency in one of the above arts will require in terms of time and effort and equipment. From there, future sessions can be interactively planned.
This will be our Q & A sessions which can go on as long as you wish.
Don't worry, we're not throwing you in a cage with this guy.
You'll be training with this old twerp.
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