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Preparing for Hell on Earth
By Doctor X: a Review of Letters from the Fall; Civilization Decomposes
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Dr X
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Preparing for Hell on Earth
May 25, 2019
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This is a well referenced book that makes the case that the West is being eaten away from the inside such like the strepsiptera parasites invade the bodies of large insects such as grasshoppers and consume the insect from the inside out, with young bursting out much like the creatures in the Alien films. The book charts, with the tale of thousands of headlines and articles, the world of hyper-violence that the West is descending into, which will collapse civilized order from within. Things will ultimately fall apart like a badly glued box, even physical infrastructure. Politics is at an end, the bad orange monster being merely a comic middle finger salute to the once greatness of the West. All that is left is for would-be survivors is to embrace hardcore survivalism, and prepare for the coming of hell on earth, as the great die off of surplus humanity begins. I am glad I read this, because there is no climate change nonsense or environmentalist porn, just cold hard brutal facts about social decay, and street level violence, home invasions, urban hunting and the like. The chaos is right around us here in the US. Just visit Baltimore, the lost city of one on the authors, James LaFond, who has the opening section of the book, which reads like something out of Dante’s Inferno. Americans, and the rest of the West are not going to wake up in time, the authors argue, and will merely become food for rats and cockroaches, the coming rulers of the world to come. But, some of us are determined to make it, and the second half of the book tells us how, in encyclopedia-like detail. Buy a copy for everyone you care about. I am.
Letters from the Fall; Civilization Decomposes
Paperback – April 18, 2019 by James LaFond & Jesse James Bowie
Letters from the Fall is a guide to the pitfalls of living and owning real estate in suburbia in our age of social decay. It provides a fitting preface to Civilization Decomposes, a compendium of evidence in support of the title, and resources to cope with the hyper-violent future that may be closer than most anyone realizes. If you ever wished you had a list of recent news items related to migration and violence, this book is the answer to your wish. Both authors provide good-faith advice and resources for those interested in developing their ability to survive in the uncertain but assuredly brutal times to come. James LaFond is a self-defense expert, providing guidance in practicing situational awareness in urban settings, boxing and fighting with weapons other than firearms. Jesse James Bowie is a recluse based in the West Texas Hills, watching his predictions come true from his off-grid bunker.
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