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Their Box of The Understood
A Dialogue with the Author of an Insightful Comment from the Taboo You Facebook Page
© 2019 James LaFond
The following I copied and pasted from the Taboo You face book page in reference to my article ‘Against Fortune’
Bart’s efforts with graphics on the facebook platform has been bearing profane fruit. I have omitted the last name of the commenter below for her privacy and wished to thank her, as I cannot log on to facebook but just read.
• Denise H. Your second to last paragraph hit the nail on the head about the conceit of the modern world.
• "I suspect that cultural invalidation has increased at such a high rate as of late—evidenced by the inability of people of opposing views to do anything other than deride their opposites—due partially to atheism becoming the preeminent religion of civilization, as the keystone of such thinking is, as Octavia Butler wrote above, that there is no power greater than Man, with the logical conclusion that from that supposition, that Man may will himself into God. But invalidation takes denial of reality even further. Suppose that there is no power greater than the human mind, that we together are all-knowing, and that our collective economic efforts are in essence that which is all-powerful. Why are so many of us convinced that nothing can exist that confounds our understanding?"
• I saw this often while working in the medical field. Anything that doesn't fall into what they learned in medical school or a disease that hasn't been named yet is met with disbelief, ridicule, and an attitude of "you don't know what you're talking about, since we're the experts". The tendency for the atheist/scientific mind to reject anything that doesn't fit into their box of The Understood is scoffed at. It usually takes having their own personal experience before they could even entertain the notion of their being Beings/Entities/Power beyond what our current world exists of or can see. While hard work is always admirable, it's obvious that we are not as in control of our destiny as we think are. My mom is a big fan of the Hercules series starring Kevin Sorbo and an episode of his life hanging in the balance with the Fates debating on cutting his Life Thread has always stuck with me. Who hasn't made specific plans, only to have The Unseen Hand Guide us towards an unplanned path, changing our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined?
A Crackpot Shot
• It might be a good time to admit to my raging superstition that we are not simply the herd animals of bankers and other hierarchal tax farmers but that there is a deeper reason why the great mass of humanity is always so goddamned stupid, that every great prophet seems to be derided or ignored and his message can only be delivered to those of the next age and that his message is then distorted and corrupted to further bend the minds of the gaping masses that bob like moral chaff far enough downstream from the spring of revelation for it to be dammed and diverted so as not to nourish the damned when they can be perverted by the self-serving hand that guides the ruling elite. I wonder if Gene Wolfe’s vision of the one true God as “The Outsider” among a hierarchy of malevolent metaphysical beings is not more true than the traditional Western idea that He is unopposed by Evil but served by it crookedly and is aligned with the temporal powers? That so many of humanity’s minds seem to be engineered to cleave to slavery and to reject any whisper of Truth until it can be corrupted by some evil hierarchy in orthodox guise—that Faith and Truth are so often counterpoised in the collective mind—brings this addled mind to wonder at deeper evils than the atheist elites, that perhaps they only believe they worship their ideas and their promise, but might in fact be worshipping unknowingly at some obscene altar of soul-eating sibilance.
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