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'The Red Summer'
Crackpot Mailbox: Jeremy Bentham is Back with a Dialogue on Our Blooming Racial Unrest
© 2019 James LaFond
In 1919 more race riots erupted than in 1968, the 1990s and in 2014-16 combined. It was called The Red Summer and was the result of an internationalist, Leftist initiative to insight African Americans to bring political pressure on the American electorate through crime and unrest. Unlike the later series of riots, European Americans fought back. To this day that situation has been depicted as a pure "white" on "black" event. But, like the riots about a decade earlier when Jack Johnson beat Jim Jefferies for the heavyweight crown, it seems that the violence was a two-way street. This turned out to be a miscalculation on the Left, as it heightened European America solidarity. Conversely, the riots of the 1960s, 1990s and the 2000s have been one way, predominantly "black" on "white" actions in which most European Americans abjectly declined to defend themselves or their fractured "communities" and in many cases made excuses for their attackers afterwards. As of 2017 the Left had won the culture war and held the guilt hammer over the slovenly chronological Baby Boomer race.
However, it is my opinion, that the cowardly ghost people of suburban and urban America should have been left alone. For the one-sided violence, with blame cast in the same direction, has awakened a fraction of this dying race to the fact that they are slated for extinction. If only the Left and The Leftist System had had the discipline to hold off on the outright criminalization of being "white" the Most Sissy Generation, those who sold out their sons and grandsons, would be senile and infirm just as the political machine finalized the Caucasian Eradication Initiative so obviously in the works. It is my estimate that this continued call for more race war after it has been won, will awaken about as many European Americans to their doom as there are African Americans, making for a contested genocide rather than a clean sweep of the most reviled race in human history, the hated fictional cartoon race known as the Whiteman, a race that did not exist until about 1730 and seems to be slated for open culling round about 2030.
I would say that the misinformed, deluded and doomed mongrel Americans of European descent, who have been indoctrinated into believing that they are the members of some monolithic race with zero ethnic distinction and no culture other than money making, have been served with an alarm, a final warning that The System hates them and will erase them, this alarm being the witless African Americans who believe that they are the only people ever oppressed in human history and are just stupid enough to pick a fight with a dying race just before it is unable to fight back. I would say thank God for African American criminals, without which sissy "white" society would be devolving ever more quickly into an orgy of emasculation, mind slavery and sniveling decline.
Thank God the System has overplayed the race card to the point that this sick society will shatter and scatter, rather than grovel and submit to the machine that owns us. Due to the heroic sacrifices of millions of low IQ Muricans of Ebony hue, committing crimes mostly against their own interest, the mind herd of pasty meat-puppets has been alerted to their doom. For a certain most ghost people will decline to reproduce, decline to break from the System, decline to defend themselves and fade into the box of lies that is American History. But due to the boon of accelerating hiphop culture—the most powerful cultural force in America since Prosperity Gospel Christianity—ghost people should be able to survive in small beleaguered enclaves as the unsustainable postmodern matrix implodes. After a high tech civilization with 90 IQ scientists and 80 IQ politicians grinds to a halt there shall follow a new opportunity for the rise of traditional tribes of Аrуаn folk living in the interior of this pillaged land.
Yes I'm crazy—evil too. For I was born of a devil race, a people so rotted and wan that only an attempt to erase them might trigger the rebirth of a once worthy people.
No let's let Jeremy have his say.
Note the list of 1919 race riots below, with Baltimore punching above its weight way back when.
100 years ago: America's forgotten (or ignored) race war of 1919 -
Thu, Aug 22, 12:37 AM (23 hours ago)
“Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose” (The more things change the more they stay the same).
-Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1808 – 1890, French Journalist and Novelist
“The wars of the People are more terrible than the wars of the Princes.”
-Frederick The Great, 1712 – 1786
“Wrong-doing tends to invite over-reaction.”
-Barry Farber, Radio Talk Show Host
“America was founded and built by white people who value individualism. They have a propensity for creating wealth and prosperity. Non-whites literally scale walls and cross rivers to participate in white prosperity then vote to destroy it. It's akin to killing the goose that lays golden eggs.”
-Ken Gividen, “The Daily Ken” 11/2018
“Are a whole lot of black people really in prison for no reason whatsoever?”
-Colin Flaherty, American Journalist,
Race War Update
Here you go James, more forgotten (or suppressed) history for your reading pleasure.
It’s the centennial anniversary of the “Red Summer” race riots. Back in 1919 “Bolsheviks” were inciting black people in America to kill white people. One hundred years later the 'Bolsheviks’ are once again inciting black people to attack whites. How about that? Talk about Nietzsche’s concept of the Eternal Reoccurrence, eh?
Back in the summer of 1919, however, whites fought back quite fiercely against the black criminality that threatened them. Didn’t need government permission to do so. Whereas, in 2019 whites are not fighting back at all against the out of control black crime and mob violence paralyzing our cities. Yet we’re to believe that white racism and ‘white supremacists’, as the personification of that racism, are a virulent threat to the security of the entire country. Not just the conventionally recognized oppressed ethnic minority identity groups residing therein. Ain’t no 'white supremacy’ here though. Like Tucker Carlson says it’s a hoax. All there is here is just working and middle class white folks minding their own business and wanting to live unmolested in their own neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where they can to go school, go to work, go to the store and go to a bar or restaurant without getting beaten up, robbed, raped and carjacked. The real believers in ‘white supremacy’ are the groups that insist on blaming whites for the social ills and culture of failure afflicting certain non-white racial groups. As if whites were some all powerful demi-gods able to control the fates of others and even change the weather at will, rather than the fallible and vulnerable human beings they in truth are. I am willing to concede the point, however, that if all whites could see fit to cease consuming illegal drugs, that action alone could go a long way toward disempowering urban drug gangs (black and non-black alike), presumably bringing heretofore unknown peace and stability to black neighborhoods and improving the living conditions for all denizens of the urban jungle.
The Leftist narrative for the last century has been that these rampages perpetrated by whites against black communities back in the bad ole’ days were wholly unprovoked. That they were often racist overreactions to spurious rumors that a heinous crime had been perpetrated against some inoffensive white person. Such as a white woman being raped by a black man (as if black men would ever be sexually interested in flat-butted white women). Sort of an old, extreme version of a panicky white ‘Becky' calling the cops on innocent black people ‘just living their lives’.
Fast-forward to the 21st Century and we find that the crime statistics so diligently compiled by our Federal Bureau of Investigation for the last 89 years this month reveal to us that in post-modern America about 100 white women are raped by black men each and every day (by contrast less than ten black women are raped by white men in an entire year). Now just imagine what it would be like if white people today rioted whenever a white woman was reported raped by a black man, like they did way back in 1919? How would the government react? How would the news media portray such a circumstance today? Interestingly enough back in 1919 the New York Times was more objective and thus more willing to concede that the white rioters might have faced a real danger that they were forced to confront and defeat through extra-legal direct action in response to the subversive activities of Communist agitators. Agitators aiming to destabilize the country and foment revolution. Not unlike what’s transpiring today, except that the NYT is no longer an objective reporter of events.
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The following is a list of race battles from ▼
January 22 Bedford County, Tennessee
February 8 Blakeley, Georgia
March 14 Memphis, Tennessee
April 10 Morgan County, West Virginia
April 13 Jenkins County, Georgia
April 14 Sylvester, Georgia
April 15 Mullen, Georgia
May 10 Charleston, South Carolina
May 10 Sylvester, Georgia
May 26 Milan, Georgia
May 29 New London, Connecticut
May 27–29 Putnam County, Georgia
May 31 Monticello, Mississippi
June 13 Memphis, Tennessee
June 13 New London, Connecticut
June 27 Annapolis, Maryland
June 27 Macon, Mississippi
July 3 Bisbee, Arizona
July 5 Scranton, Pennsylvania
July 6 Dublin, Georgia
July 7 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 8 Coatesville, Pennsylvania
July 9 Tuscaloosa, Alabama
July 10–12 Longview, Texas
July 11 Baltimore, Maryland
July 15 Port Arthur, Texas
July 19–24 Washington, D.C.
July 21 Norfolk, Virginia
July 23 New Orleans, Louisiana
July 23 Darby, Pennsylvania
July 26 Hobson City, Alabama
July 27 – August 3 Chicago, Illinois
July 28 Newberry, South Carolina
July 31 Bloomington, Illinois
July 31 Syracuse, New York
July 31 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 1 Whatley, Alabama
August 4 Hattiesburg, Mississippi
August 6 Texarkana, Texas
August 21 New York City, New York (Multiple dates)
August 27-29 Ocmulgee, Georgia
August 30 Knoxville, Tennessee
September 28–29 Omaha, Nebraska
October 1–2 Elaine, Arkansas
October 1–2 Baltimore, Maryland
November 13 Wilmington, Delaware
'Dr. Doom' Faber: 'Thank God white people populated America'
12:49 AM (23 hours ago)
“No civilization other than that which is Christian, is worth seeking or possessing. “
“The most significant event of the 20th century will be the fact that the North Americans speak English.”
Otto von Bismarck, 1815 - 1898
Found in the old stack of stuff. Enjoy!
"And thank God white people populated America, and not the blacks. Otherwise, the US would look like Zimbabwe, which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a white majority," he wrote.
"I am not a racist, but the reality — no matter how politically incorrect — needs to be spelled out."
The violence sparked a national debate over race and monuments that honor prominent Confederate figures that Faber decided to weigh in on.
Faber called the monuments "statues of honourable people whose only crime was to defend what all societies had done for more than 5,000 years: keep a part of the population enslaved."
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