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'Scofflaw's Paradise'
Crackpot Mailbox: Pacific Wonderland with Tony Cox
© 2019 James LaFond
I try not to publish articles by my friends and associates and colleagues, for reasons both craven and selfish. However, in this case, since Big Tony has kept my literary Chattel, Stevedore Jackson, for himself, neglecting to forward him via UPS or Chinese Megabus, I'm claiming this article for my next Dark Age book on the subtext that my very own slave helped compose it! Tony, thanks for the article—you better hide the rum. He gets uppity-entitled when you let him do too much quality writing.
Pacific Wonderland
Sat, Sep 7, 4:10 PM (22 hours ago)
This is news that warms my heart.
Dump truck spilling gravel on I-5 turns into slow-moving chase through Southwest Portland -
This free spirit liberated a loaded dump truck and went for a joy ride. You know, almost anybody can start the fucker up, but very few can truly call themselves an OPERATOR.
So, it was a low speed police pursuit that left piles of gravel all over the roadway. I'm thinking that second gear proved itself to be elusive.
Good for him. It's always nice to shake things up a little bit, gain some valuable experience in the process. There's some things they just dont teach you in truck driving school.
Here's the best part:
Booking Info
Dude got booked and released a couple hours later, no charges. The paper doesn't tell you that part. This is why I like living here. You dont have to worry about the cops bothering you. I stay away from the suburbs, for the reason that I feel like I'm behind enemy lines. Even though I'm not breaking any serious laws, I live in fear of suburban cops with nothing better to do.
The beginning stages of anarcho/tyranny really are a scofflaw's paradise.
The moneyed hipster class will soon do a complete 180 and demand a police state, as you already know. But we're many years away from that in Portland. So here's to enjoying the good times while they last. Salud!
Oh Scofflaw Poobah, staying in Portland was like time travelling for me back to 1980 Northeast Baltimore, the only zone of Baltimore city in which working class palefaces had been permitted to reside unmolested by the ebon scourge. North Baltimore is currently still pre-negrofied, but only because it is extremely upscale. So for me, what I saw of Portland was either 1980 Northeast Baltimore or North Baltimore. What happened with NE Baltimore was, the month after I bought a house there a news story broke that realtors were politely showing black folks properties elsewhere. My life since them all stems from losing that game of musical homes and being the one left standing without equity.
A young lady living in Portland as a student just stated to a friend of mine, that Portland is in every way nicer than Baltimore, except that there is "no diversity," which is ridiculous, as many Asians, in three varieties, Latinos and even a couple Amerindians live there, betraying this university graduate's conditioning that diversity means extreme racial polarity between the two comic book meta-races of "black" and "white." Her and her ilk, while subconsciously fleeing from ebon overrun zones, yearn to import more of their guilt pets. When I was out at bars in SE Portland and downtown with Shayne, I noticed that light-skinned ebons, who have probably fled places like Baltimore, are sparsely scattered among paleface hipsters who treat them as celebrity icons, with each small group of 3-5 sidewalk café and bar goers revolving around the ebon guilt pet like a gaggle of uncool 1970s high school students orbiting a lone racial celebrity of another type, who is regarded as cool simply due to their racial identity. I saw this in a Baltimore County, Maryland junior high school and a Washington County, Pennsylvania high school in action, as the lone black fellow was given Richard Pryor status.
So, as we know the pale need for dark menace is palpable in Portland, and that pallid guilt-ridden bitches will not be satisfied until their are being interracially raped on a daily basis, the problem with negrofication is purely logistical. In order to get Portland up to speed with the rest of urban America I suggest grants, tax breaks and day care vouchers for any pale person who would like to adopt crack babies, heroin babies, fetal alcohol babies and gun violence orphans from Baltimore, Camden, Detroit, Memphis and other examples of "diversity." Otherwise, Portland will lag tragically behind the rest of Urban America.
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