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Rabid Rabbit Rustlers
Crackpot Mailbox: And Other Crackpot News from Riley and James
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Colorado Doctor Sounds Alarm on Marijuana Legalization
Sat, Sep 7, 6:56 PM (2 days ago)
Ground breaking Colorado Soma Experiment is failing as citizen control effort.
“They just keep jumping off balconies “ says Becky Blathershite.
British vegan activist is covered in blood after 'rescuing' rabbits | Daily Mail Online
Sat, Sep 7, 6:30 PM (2 days ago)
Rabid Rabbit Rustlers Reap Retribution re Reactionaries!
Riley, I love the idea of pot heads leaping from balconies like stock traders in a stock market crash.
As for the vegans, if only they could run into the throat ripping rabbit from Monty Python's Holy Grail epic.
In the meantime, as some parts of the world go nuts saving animals designed by God for the cook pot, others from the realization that pot will not cure their self-loathing and lack of purpose and teens managing to OD on tobacco vapes in a lame attempt to imitate their hedonistic boomer parents and overstressed silent generation grandparents in one cool stroke, the Harm City Hoodrats are taking snivelization down a more sanguine rabbit hole...
The good news is that Kawontay Witherspoon, murdered a few days ago, and previously classified as "race unknown," has, against all odds, been identified as "black!"
At 240 slain, the Baltimore body count is on track for 340 kills on the year, but expect bad weather to bring it in at 310 to 320. Consider, that when Baltimore had 10% more residents back in 2014, that there were only 211 kills on the year.
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