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I would normally make any one or two of these missives into articles. But I'm back east in Harm City, with my eye popping out of my head and dodging spears in the streets. So I will let these readers go unfiltered as I try and finish the three books I should have wrapped up last month.
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Thu, Oct 17, 1:38 PM (3 days ago)
Eirik Bloodaxe
Hi James,
I have been studying the behavior of the super-elite strongmen, pondering if they have a positive contribution to masculinity. Then I saw this nauseating pc piece by Eddie Hall, where they set up the strength contest to make the steroid freak womyn superior, and he basks in his own defeated manhood, even though the contest was frog shit from the start. the comments section basically slams him, and points out the obvious, that the womyn is fully roided up. Look at the skin, a classic symptom.
Many issues here; the strength culture, and how it is all a product of drugs , the cult of degrading the male, etc etc
Seriously, WTF?
Fri, Oct 18, 5:56 AM (2 days ago)
Nero the Pict
This might be of use for your climb
Thu, Oct 17, 10:41 AM (3 days ago)
If you ignore the GIJoe bluster there looks to be solid info here.
Carbon Mike
Booker T. Washington and John Hughes
Thu, Oct 17, 12:33 PM (3 days ago)
John Hughes was a white immigrant from Ireland who started out as a gardener. He went on to become the first Catholic archbishop of New York—and he was a Race Man.
After the Irish began to come to America in large numbers in the 1800's, they struggled a lot with social dysfunction in their communities: alcoholism, unemployment, Irish-on-Irish crime, illegitimacy. All the same things the "race realists" say about black people now were "commonly held truths" about the Irish then.
Enter Dagger John Hughes, a Catholic clergyman who understood that spiritual renewal and the creation of proper Men (and, by extension, proper Women) would be what saved the Irish—not Progressivism and social welfare programs for warehousing the poor and doling out calories (what he scornfully referred to as "soupery").
If Booker T. Washington and Dagger John Hughes had ever been in the same room, they would have had a lot to talk about.
James LaFond <>
Fri, Oct 18, 11:16 PM (2 days ago)
to Carbon
Thanks, man.
5 in 6 million Irish were murdered or sold in the 1600s alone. The ones that came in the 1800s were the tip of the ice berg. I have found a lot of cultural crossover between African and Irish American, especially teaming up as runaways in the 1700s. Thanks for the source link, bro.
race traitors and Race Men
Thu, Oct 17, 2:32 AM (3 days ago)
Hey brother,
Recently I read your excellent blog post "You A Race Traitor, Baby?" where you relate a conversation with a black grocery worker as she recounted her negative experiences with the kind of black men who we used to call "low-down, shiftless, no-count Negroes". Black as I am, I'm all too familiar with the kind of person she describes, and I'm equally familiar with the bad (though perhaps forgivable) conclusions she has drawn from those encounters. Your quote from her really struck me: that she didn't want to live anywhere that is not run by white men.
There used to be in this country (just yesterday, in historical terms) a kind of black person that other black people referred to as a Race Man. This was not, as one might think, someone who was obsessed with racial categories, racial prejudice, or racial injustice. Rather, this was a Man and a Citizen who made it his mission in life to practice Virtue (as classically understood: the governance of the passions in service of the higher self) and conduct his life and his business affairs with the advancement of the "black race" in mind. (In the black towns of postbellum America, when there were young black people getting ready to go off to college or trade school, the Race Men would have been the business owners and smallholders who took up a collection to make sure the youngsters had the proper books and tools.)
Nor did the Race Man think that the advancement of "The Race" had to be at the expense of any other racial group, or of society at large. On the contrary, he was typically an unabashed small-c capitalist who preached a religion of self-reliance and concerted action at the community level.
Here is a link to "Character Building", a compilation of Sunday addresses delivered by Booker T. Washington—an early exemplar of the Race Man—to students at the Tuskeegee Institute, a university in the Deep South which was populated and managed by black people. It was published in 1902:
As I was reading it, I was struck by the absence of any kind of race-based complaining, excuse-making, or psychological analysis. In fact, it wasn't until Page 30 that I saw any mention of racism—and here is the context in which it's mentioned:
"See to it that you regulate your life properly; that you regulate your hours of sleep. Have the proper kinds of recreation. Quite a number of our young men in the cities stay up until twelve, one and two o'clock each night. Sometimes they are at a dance, and sometimes at the gambling table, or in some brothel, or drinking in some saloon. As a result they go late to their work, and in a short time you hear them complaining about having lost their positions. They will tell you that they have lost their jobs on account of race prejudice, or because their former employers are not going to hire coloured help any longer. But you will find, if you learn the real circumstances, that it is much more likely they have lost their jobs because they were not punctual, or on account of carelessness."
When I describe myself as trying to live up to the ideals of the Race Man, no one of any color below a certain age knows what I am talking about. People of every color below a certain age are, therefore, confused by my casual dismissal of White Nationalism as a strategic concern. If (as I explain to them) I'm a Race Man on behalf of my tribe, then a white machinist in flyover country gets to be a Race Man on behalf of his—and if we both hold a position of virtuous (rather than savage) tribal solidarity, then in the event of a dispute, we have the option of either joining battle honorably, or coming to terms, or departing from one another in watchful peace.
This, of course, is rank poison to the sissified and deracinated members of the political, academic, and managerial classes. The political classes benefit from a sense of permanent racial crisis, so that they can claim to have something to do; the academics benefit from moral panic so that they can be hired to administer the crisis plan; and the managerial classes benefit from complete social atomization and the destruction of any kind of group solidarity, so that they don't have to worry about organized labor. (Like I said to you in our last podcast session, Jeff Bezos isn't white—he's a billionaire.)
We live in a time, and in a culture, where people are fond of quoting Martin Luther King but have no truck with Martin Luther—which is too bad, because to understand what each of them means in terms of the other is to understand a great deal more than is commonly known about the roots of our present situation.
In the same sense, everyone seems to want to talk about Race—but no one, not even black folks, seems to want to talk about Race Men. More's the pity.
Patrick Day passes away at 27, four days after final fight - Bad Left Hook
Wed, Oct 16, 10:00 PM (4 days ago)
Pretty sure this is the 3rd death this year.
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Sun, Oct 13, 7:26 PM (7 days ago)
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Opinion | Racists Are Recruiting. Watch Your White Sons. - The New York Times
Mon, Oct 14, 12:04 AM (6 days ago)
I am so delighted to have been born not Jewish.
Sent from Riley
daily timewaster: Hong Kong - or really a Red Chinese - oppressor (he's not a real cop) taken out with a flying kick.
Sun, Oct 13, 9:10 PM (7 days ago)
Sent from Riley
The crime of being an Incel, all touching is now rape
Sun, Oct 13, 12:01 AM (7 days ago)
Arthur Schopenhauer
Capping Bligh
Sat, Oct 12, 7:32 PM (8 days ago)
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