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'Snow Storm'
Crackpot Mailbox: Jeremy Bentham, Wulf Skoal and James discuss Skintone and Hair Color as Cultural Markers
© 2019 James LaFond
Jeremy Bentham commented on 'White Bastards'
Oct-23-2019 3:23 AM UTC
“The Zeroth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as inscribed on the Statue of Liberty by Founding Father Emma Lazarus, is that everybody in the world has the right to be an American and your so-called First Amendment doesn’t give you any right to object.”
Steve Sailer 08/12/2019
“Your skin is your uniform.”
– Vox Day 07/05/2016
Well James, over the years as people explored the world and initially came in contact with other races that had dramatically different skin colors from their own they found the need to be able to describe those differences in ways that were simple and generally understandable. So they limited themselves to the primary colors as general identifiers for the different races: White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, etc. Indeed, most ‘white people’ are not ‘ivory white” in skin color, but there are quite a few that come so close as to make little difference (Celtic Warrior - ). So it works for most of us. If you believe that such generalizations are too imprecise to be workable you certainly are welcome to categorize people according to the Sherwin Williams paint catalog or whatever other reference system you believe is the most accurately descriptive. It would make for ‘colorful’ police reports at the very least. LOL!
Nevertheless, like you I believe that our society is in need of a better zoological/anthropological taxonomy of Humanity. For example, why on earth are such vastly differently colored people like Scandinavians, Celts, Italians, Arabs, Asian Indians and Tuaregs all grouped together as being members of the so-called ‘Caucasian’ Race? We need something better. Especially now that DNA mapping allows us to better discover heretofore scientifically undiscovered differences that can identify sub-races within the general color hues. However, now that our dominant Leftist ‘anti-racist’ culture makes it taboo to notice, much less discuss racial differences, nobody in mainstream academia is likely to attempt to create such a taxonomy. That leaves the task up to us crackpots, eh?
The genius that is causing such confusion, and loss of identity among so many people of every race, but particularly in whites, comes of course from Marxist ideology. People warned us the Communists would infiltrate our society and destroy it from the inside out. And they have. They said the Communists would use our own beliefs and our virtues as well as our vices to defeat us. And they have. To create a completely new society under completely new leadership one must cause the people to totally lose faith in the old society.
Jeremy, I am observing that the ancients referred to us as "fair-haired" and that the darker Caucasian races ended up assigning "white" as an identity for various negating reasons and that we accepted this externally imposed identity like true slaves and should reject it if we are to reclaim our internal identity.
I knew this would cost me money and readers making this point, had earlier, cowardly, decided not to make it in open source platforms, but found some ball hair left and did it. As of now it has cost me $70 a month, 20% of my income.
No Europeans assigned colors to others based on a need to categorize. Rather these false colors evolved to support narratives, to negate culture and Christianity and turn us into mere domestic breeds. Indeed, the idea of racial color was traditionally linked to hair in Europe, not skin. Thus the idea of "whiteness" was a vehicle for non-Christian Middle Eastern intrusion into Christendom in an undermining fashion. [I got much of my information from original source documents provided by an Israeli graduate student.] Also note, that Celtic warriors used lime to bleach their skin as an act of purification to facilitate their ascension to the realm of the sacred when they died in battle. The Byzantines [another modern label] described them as "ruddy" closer to red than white. The only yellow people on earth are light-skinned Africans and cappoids. The assignation of "yellow" to Asians is most likely a slander against their courage. Japs are obviously the closest people to "white."
I would add that my probem with the macro racial categories is not just semantic but deeper. For istance, the new definition of noun in education has been expanded from person, place, or thing to include "idea."
Is white a person, place or thing?
No, it is an idea, an ancient idea of purity on a northwesterly axis and sexual slavery on a southeasterly axis, conflated to mean economically privileged sissy down the falls of time. Making the racial term "white" into a noun makes it morally inescapable and puts us sons of slaves in the dock for the crimes of our ancestors' masters.
More importantly, as a measure of our separation from our ancestry, the idea that skin matters more than hair and eyes is very recent and says something about the economically global origins of the ideal of skin-based races. I second your call for actual genetic based racial identity, which we will find pretty exactly mirrors the ancient idea of ethnic relationships, preserved [and no its seems negated] by the tide of language, its drifts, surges and eddies.
Thank you, Sir.
Smartasses Welcome: Crackpot Mailbox: an addendum on Purity and White Bastards
Black and white are crude terms indeed.
Note that "Schwarz" (black) is such a common last name among the Hebrew Diaspora, because in the middle ages it used to denote people of dark hair and eyes in Germany. So "black" to describe not only jewish, but people of dark complexion in general, was around as a quasi racial term. Not as a slur though, simply because it was noteworthy and rare. Similar to how a "Flavius" or a "Flavia" was noteworthy for Bering fair in imperial Rome. Just thought I'd share, since the topic is often discussed on the site. Now I'm a quit being a smartass and wish you well. Have a nice day Sir.
-Wulf Skoal
The history of Eastern and Southern European rape and genocide is so deep, now over a millennia and a half in progress, that we forget that our ancestors tendered towards blonde hair. This comes out in our children, with my hair bronze as a boy and my sister’s golden, with it darkening over time. The ancient heroes of myth are very often described as: "fair-haired” by the poets as were all European folk outside the borders of the Roman Empire into late antiquity.
The “black” Irish were dark-haired Gaels, such as depicted in Howard’s fiction. Robert the Bruce had a right hand man named Black Douglas, for his hair. Some of this could go back to Punic merchants in search of tin in antiquity setting up trading colonies, keeping in mind that the most common currency traded in the ancient world was sex slaves, women, who would have passed both ways in the tin trade.
This brings to mind the oft-held conversations I have had with self-declared “black” men in supermarkets on night crews when they accused me of being white and I would simply walk to a register, pull out a slip of receipt tape and hold it next to my skin, and then ask them to put their hand on the register belt. Most of them refused to compare their brown hand to the black rubber and lurched away in horror. In later days I have asked African Americans, “I’ve never met a brother as dark as his hair, have you?”
Perhaps our ancestors were so often fair-haired that all of our uses of the terms black as racial adjectives, turned noun over time, stem from a time when a person with black hair was a rarity in the beleaguered cradles of our races.
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MRT     Oct 24, 2019

"Byzantines [another modern label]" As you know the real name is Rome with the Capital Nova Roma turned into Constantinople due to greek speaking populus, in the west the "fair" , "pale" , "unique" and blahblah Germanics had overrun the Celts and destroyed the western Empire and needed many more centuries to get civilized, the (East) Romans were ahead of the Germanic barbarians till 1204 were they got sacked after asking help form fellow Christians to fight the Muslims who were waging holy wars against them (while the Germanics did not have to worry about their boarders like the Byzantines did) since at least 629...

"The history of Eastern and Southern European rape and genocide is so deep,"

Yes and they turned into Arabs in the South or Tatars in the East. North Africa was Roman Empire, Syria also was the second Magna Grecia and very significand in the Byzantine times. Northern Europe was not left alone either from the asiatic hordes and South Europe was not left alone from Northern Europeans either.

And because people lack some facts , the Turks originally are asians (Kazakstan, Kirgistan etc.) , non pc term would be "slanded eyed" "yellows" etc. , Turkeys Turks are to a huge extend converts (cause of taxing, including taking his kid!), said taken kids(Janissaries) or taken women (example, a muzzie could get a christian girl even up to four the opposite was forbiden), a muzzie could also be your brother that converted to islam. Now if one takes a Rum (Christian from Eastern Roman Empire) woman , his son would be genetically half Rum , now his half Rum son will take a Rum woman and so on and so on , how would his ancestors look like ? Asian or ... South European?

Some quick points , Turks are not Arabs , Iranians are not Arabs, Kurds are not Arabs, Iranians and Kurds are related, do not ask me exactly what Arabs are

" that we forget that our ancestors tendered towards blonde hair"

South Europe is the Med , it is hot and sunny , i am from there but fair haired and pale , my skin has suffered , clearly not made for that enviroment. I see turists from England,Germany, Holland etc. turning red like Lobsters , this type of skin does not thrive there .

Alsmost all Minoan and Greek paintings i ve seen hair are dark and kinda curly.

Even in Germany the average person is not blonde.

Some ancient Greece facts , there were Lions and there was no Air Condition.

"Note that "Schwarz" (black) is such .."

We have it also , but we also have "Red" and lately i also found "Green" not pale , not ochra , green. BTW in greek Pale is also Ochro like the color Ochra.

All in all, i believe the "original Euro ancestors were blondes" to be a "we wuz kangs" equivelant.
James     Oct 25, 2019

The Minoans are fascinating and I studied them intensely 20 years ago for The First Boxers. They seem to have all been black-haired.

Many black haired ancient Hellenes are depicted in classical and archaic art—but the poets such as Homer insist that the ancestral stock was blonde, the stock of the invading Aryаns who slaughtered all the Archaic men about 4,000 years ago and took their women. The archaic Europeans that farmed the valleys seem to remain in "Sardinian" DNA.

I'm not a Varg [we wuz all blond kangs"] advocate, but the ancient poets picked blondes as leading mythic figures. Also, as evidenced by many people I know, blonde hair as a child does often turn dark under the sun, as does the skin.

Thanks for all the information!
AmericanDagda     Oct 24, 2019

A resolution perhaps for you and Mr. Bentham. European is a perfectly suitable moniker for a macro group residin' on a recognizable landmass and consistin' of admixture from three different ancient populations. Each European ethnic group denotes a relatively homogenous level of admixture specific to certain smaller geographic regions within the bounds of Europe. If you want there are folks out there these days that can tell you how Western Hunter Gatherer, Early European Farmer, or Aryаn you are and from which of these source populations you owe your direct patrilineal and matrilineal haplogroup markers. If anyone's that terribly interested I'd be happy to do a personal breakdown as an example.

I should say that Indo-European is again a perfectly suitable term for a yet larger macro group of all ethnic groups owing some lineage and culture to the now defunct ancient Aryаn of which European is a subrace. Of course the genetic bonds grow weakest across the Indo/European divide, as our erstwhile cousins interbred with different local populations, but importantly not cultural bonds.

For what it's worth I had always presumed that European was what "White" meant and had no issue with it til you voiced an objection. Personally I still feel you're bein' a little pedantic but I get the point and folks are startin' to be willfully ignorant in missin' it.
James     Oct 25, 2019

European American is my preferred grouping for Bentham and I.

My general point is that White was an import to negate European identity.
Tony     Oct 25, 2019

I can't seem to find the ancient greeks ever looking down or insulting peoples based on skin color. Herodotus mentions that the Egyptians have pale skin as babies, but soon darken under the sun. One of the philosophers wryly mentions that while the greek gods are depicted as looking like greeks, the Ethiopian gods are depicted as having dark skin and stubby noses. The racial discussions from what I've read mostly have to do with which group had the most beautiful women, with the consensus being that the Spartan women with red hair and green eyes are the most beautiful.
MRT     Oct 25, 2019

James , i ve seen almost zero blondes in ancient greek paintings the ones who are not black haired are white haired and i am not sure if they depict just that, white hair of an older person. Xanthos is the word and i believe this is modern greek for blonde. Also not to jump thousands of years back , in the Byzantine paintings the skin color is olive. An other note what the southerners consider blonde or "fair" is not what the northerners do and of course like we said before fairer complex is consider pure and was considered noble because of the lack of exposure to the sun , so it would be more fitting for Homer to describe the nobles so.

On Minoans, Europes first big civilization, one of the very few who had their own writing system (Linear A), non blondes , much probably not Indo European speaking (yet "white") , huge influence on Mycenaeans who were the first big Greek civilization

From the ancient world fair complex had the Thracians ,they were non Greeks but in the South they got Hellenized through Greek settlement, Democritus was Greek from Thrace
James     Oct 26, 2019

Correct, but their poets remembered blonde ancestors. Jason of the Argo was supposed to be blonde. The Scythian barbarians were blonde as they were the last wave of the Aryаn invaders into the Hellenic world and they did not penetrate. Thracians were prized for red hair as slave girls in Egypt circa 260 B.C.

It was and is a mess. Hell, i'd impregnate some Minoan babe rather than put her to the sword even if i was an ancient Aryаn.

Interesting that the Middle Sea civilizations looked across the borders to the north to see people who looked a lot more like their forefathers than they did.
AmericanDagda     Oct 25, 2019

The Aryаns didn't wipe out the WHG/EEF composite population though evidenced by the fact that my own patrilineal haplo is not even EEF but the earlier WHG, who themselves were not completely culled and their woman carried off, despite the fact that my Aryаn admixture is at the highest rate for all of Europe at 50%. Meds are largely swarthy and black haired cause as you move south the Aryаn percentage progressively falls and the population average becomes dominated by EEF (Levantine) admixture. Greeks are about as Aryаn, as MRT pointed out, as Ottomans are actual Turks at around 20%. So a comparatively small number of nomadic invaders in both cases conquered a population and imposed their culture. It's not really surprising the Hellenes would remember in some fashion their light haired conquerors turned patriarchs even if most of them were not. Sardinian as you mentioned have minimal Aryаn admixture.
James     Oct 26, 2019

the Sardianian question is fascinating. much of Howard's fiction extols the virtues of what would have been such conquered, dark-haired races of "garlic eaters."
Jeremy Bentham     Oct 25, 2019

One of the problems we encounter is that our English language does not have a name or term for the descendants of Europeans who settled outside of their European country of origin and are now citizens or subjects of another sovereign country (like the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and South Africa for example). In the German language on the other hand they have terms to differentiate between the descendants of ethnic Germans living abroad (Volksdeutsche) and ethnic Germans that are legal citizens/subjects of Germany itself (Reichsdeutsche). Of course now said Reichsdeutsche includes more and more people who are not ethnic German in any way, shape or form, but these new ‘Germans’ who arrived this century have the same rights and privileges as any German whose ancestors have occupied the country since the Volksvonderung. As a consequence we ‘European-Americans’ no longer have any particular claim on the ancestral homelands, even compared to a recent immigrant from Africa or the Middle East. Absent DNA we’re not “European” in any meaningful way since we have lived apart for too long and have developed our own unique cultures. We don’t think at all like “Reichs-Europeans”. We owe no allegiance to Europe either. The rulers of Europe wouldn’t allow us to go back there in any numbers if we wanted too (not unless you’ve got a lot of money certainly); we would import too many dangerous ideas about personal liberty for their taste. America then is the hill we heritage White Americans are going to have to die on. Yes the term “White American” works for me. Piss on the cultural negation of the Marxists other Globalists! They won’t succeed unless we let them. I’m not a European, not a subject of the EU or any of my ancestral homelands that likewise are allowing themselves to be white-anted from the inside and now serve little more than bad examples rather than inspirations for future generations. Like my Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfathers and Great-Great Grandfathers before me, I live in the USA, the land of round door knobs, not Europe. Well James, have we split the hair fine enough?
James     Oct 26, 2019

Yes, Jerremy, and this is why i bring up the point that 'white' was brought into currency to debase European people sold into the plantations and at the same time ally them with their masters against their African replacements.

thus there is an American race, who once called themselves American in the census and occupy much of the mountain zones in the east.
AmericanDagda     Oct 26, 2019

Gonna have to strongly disagree with Mr. Bentham on stoppin' history at the Atlantic shore. If you willingly reject the legacy left to you then you really are a son of slaves as Mr. LaFond posits culturally no different than our African neighbors who don't have the luxury of a record to hold fast to. A blind crippled creature that's mistaken a feed lot for paradise.

And speakin' as one of the "American" race of the Mountain East that's not an example to point to but an ethnic travesty born out of the rapid spread of ignorance from a people who had literacy as a social institution in their homeland.

On a lighter note as to the question of those dark haired races of garlic-eaters look to the Pre-Roman Iberians. Before they took up Latin the Paleo Hispanic languages of Spain appear to be pre Indo-European of which the last is Basque. These were probably the last remnants of those peoples as a coherent non Aryаn entity. I've got an archaeology book on the Ancient Iberians lyin' around here somewhere.
James     Oct 28, 2019

Well said, sir.

With apologies to all concerned, this is a very hard question for most of us to consider without sentiment.
Jeremy Bentham     Oct 28, 2019

"We can have no "50-50" allegiance in this country. Either a man is an American and nothing else, or he is not an American at all."

-Theodore Roosevelt

“There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

-Woodrow Wilson

Hey who is rejecting their European legacy or ‘stopping history at the Atlantic shore’? Not me! I’m just recognizing the reality of the situation we ‘European-Americans’ are in now. You can honor and celebrate your ethnic heritage (or heritages for many White Americans) all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are politically separated from our European cousins for good and all. Just as the original American colonists separated themselves from the British Monarchy for good and all and formed a new sovereign country. We are stuck in America and we’d better recognize that and make the best of it. A lot of White Americans seem to harbor an erroneous belief that if conditions get too chaotic here they will flee to some other country. But they need to disabuse themselves of that notion. As Mark Steyn has pointed out if you haven’t moved to another country by now it is already too late. They won't let you in. So unless you are Jewish and can flee to Israel or wealthy enough to buy citizenship in another land there is no place to run too. America is the hill we’ll have to be prepared to die on or end up like the Kurds with a long historical legacy but no country to call home. Accept your Americanism and be prepared to fight for your place in the sun. I am confident that even if the USA should fall apart we will still be able to salvage something useful out of the wreck and form our own homeland. No defeatism here. After all our ancestors built this country that everyone seems to want sneak into and become squatters.

James, since we are on the subject of categorizing by ethnic identity group, in your estimation is Charlize Theron a European-American, an African-American, a European-African or a European-African-American? She also has Dutch, German and French ancestry to add to the mix and is descended from Afrikaner hero of the Second Boer War, "Danie" Theron. But maybe she’s just a ‘rootless cosmopolitan’, like so many of these Hollywood types seem to be these days? According to Wikipedia: “In 2007, Theron became a naturalized citizen of the United States, while retaining her South African citizenship.” So I guess she still has someplace else to run back to.
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