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‘Down It’s Throat of Empire’
The Aeneid of Virgil: Book 1, Part 1
© 2019 James LaFond
I've been dreading posting this adaptation. Augustus Caesar would have had me thrown to the dogs for something this ugly off the tongue.
Of Aeneis, this hero sung
Exiled by the Goddess
Driven from Troy his home
To wander land and sea his curse
A son of war
Father of our Latin home
His fallen gods restored
The ancient bloodline restored
The roots of our fathers
Painfully bloomed into Rome
Planted, my muse, in the soil of crime
Cruel will of the Goddess’ hate.
For what offence the Goddess fumed
This hero marked for recompence
Roiled his life a storm
Fury spent in a life war rent
Man’s hero life
Son song of Heaven’s spite
Earth’s suffering river divine spittle
Adrift to the mouth of our ancestral river [1]
Between a sea town of yore
Settled by sons of sea girt Tyre
A folk forged by War
Minds made sharp by trade:
Carthage beloved of the Goddess
Over her Argive shield home [2]
Here stabled her heaven steeds
That seat of empire her wrathful seed
She, Heaven’s gossip
Yore-song of folk from the sky
That time would bring the Trojan race
To fell mighty Carthage without trace
A Goddess saw in a hero the seed yoke
Our race to forge for Her folk’s neck
She of heaven fearing Fate’s stroke
Over a world bitter of Her recent war [3]
End 1

1. Tiber
2. Mother of heaven, shield of the Argives and patron of Argos and goddess of the Greeks who destroyed Troy, Greek Hera or Latin Juno
3. The Trojan War which set Aeneis and his warbands on their migratory course
‘Maimed by a Wound’
destiny's exile
‘The Caldron of Her Indignation’
within leviathan’s craw
beasts of aryаs
shrouds of aryаs
on the overton railroad
night city
on combat
Ruben Chandler     Nov 19, 2019

Kudos and pass the mead. To have this troubadour in Hrothgar's mead hall would have been at once majestic and cruel, or cool. Raise high the roof beam carpenter. A job well done. I want to do Beowulf in Pidgin.
James     Nov 20, 2019

I appreciate the encouragement. I never feel comfortable with verse.
Ruben Chandler     Nov 19, 2019

At it wasn't You are doing more than well. I'm proud.
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