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‘Are You Not Writing As You Post?’
Crackpot Mailbox: Adel Delves into the Graphomania
© 2019 James LaFond
“James, based on some of your recent posts, it seems that you are writing way out front. Why is that and aren’t you worried about not being current? One wonders what you are holding back.”
-Adel, 12/3/2019

Thank you sir, for caring about my work and for labelling your query chronologically.
For injury questions from fighters I try to do same-day posts.
For survival questions from atomized souls and method questions from fighters in training, I try to do next-day posts.
Everything else goes into folders for later publication.
My webmaster, who has occasionally reminded me to remove my tin foil hat, and to stop shooting myself in the literary foot, pointed out from the beginning that “the avalanche of content” was off-putting and meant for fewer reads per article. I have, this year, tried to keep posts at 1-3 per day, perhaps not all on the same day. Before I know I will be away for a few days I will post five or so articles. Before a trip I might post 7.
Since everything on this site is only proofed once by my retarded ass, it makes for less typos if I let something sit for a month or two and forget it, before proofing and posting.
As for being current, I don’t want to be. I want to be ahead of the narrative and try and look at things “out of time,” if that makes any sense to you.
What am I holding back?
My lovely niece currently has 20 articles slated for once a week posting on Thursdays for the crypto site.
Lynn has posts booked out a month for the patreon site and has about 20 Robert E. Howard reviews she is saving for the blogspot.
I have 6 articles outlined which I hope to complete today, 2 for the crypto site, 3 for Dark Kangdom, my current Uncivil War book to be wrapped up at New Years and my weekly fitness log. Oh and this one, which I mean to post straightaway.
In the cue I have the following, which will appear under the tags listed below:
6 A Dread Grace
4 Destiny’s Exile
35 Dark Age
2 A Well of Heroes
6 Plantation America [With 2 in Outline]
2 Under a Troubled Master
1 Paleface [tag not up yet] with 4 in outline
During these next two weeks I intend to amass a large number of posts for:
Destiny’s Exile
Under a Troubled Master
A Warrior Be
Night Manger
The Old Conductress
All in an attempt to distance my mind from what is current.
By mid-January I’ll no longer be posting contemporary let alone current stuff at all, but mostly history, myth and fiction. The most current you can hope for is me answering an email as an article and this takes between 2 and 14 days. For now, in the armpit of the Leased Coast, the subhuman current intrudes, as evidenced by the unbalanced ledger above.
What is a crypto site?
under a troubled master-eye
‘Magnitude and Malignity’
the greatest boxer
broken dance
fiction anthology one
barbarism versus civilization
sons of aryаs
by the wine dark sea
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