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Reconquista America
The Demographics of the Coming Ice Age of Reverent Chandler, Malediction Song and Nightsong of the Nords
© 2019 James LaFond
“Don’t you think, that as more and more outrages are committed against pale people, and we are prohibited from defending ourselves, that there will be a backlash, a “Reconquista” like happened in Spain and Portugal? You know it took 800 years, but it happened.”
-Critical Nimbus
That is the premise of my Science-Fiction novel Reverent Chandler, the prequel, Malediction Song, and the sequel, Nightsong of the Nords, that the current massive, deliberate, demographic replacement of indigenous Americans, will be effected by 2050 or so and that the cornering of the invalidated European American soul, along with the maturation of the current Ice Age cycle, will trigger two reactions: an extra-racial religious revival, a literal crusade to drive Islam from America and retake Vatican City in Europe, and a racial Reconquista of much of North America.
In using the Reconquista as a model, I was conscious of the great length of time it took, and also of the fact that Spain was largely held as the western Pillar of the House of Submission to Allah by Racial Europeans who converted from Christianity. Once a race has permitted themselves to be replaced there will be a deeper problem than what the Iberian Christian faced. For instance, with an apostate president, who was elected to stop population replacement, we have seen no ebb in the tide of immigration. Additionally, America is scheduled, by various NGOs, the United Nations and the U.S Deep State, to receive between 20 and 100 million Africans alone in the next fifty years. As America’s war machine rusts and rots, it will return home to herd Americans into reservations, move us off our ancestral lands, and transport massive numbers of replacement people from Africa into the U.S. This is already well under way. Decomissioned Nimitz class Carriers will spend decades shuttling Nigerians to Florida, Philadelphia and Newark.
As the ice gathers in the hinterlands and pushes southward and seaward, these populations, incapable of maintaining crucial infrastructure or thriving economics, will be pushed back. I suggest the following Ice Age demographic ranges.
A line from Atlanta to New Orleans, with Florida and Alabama a teaming brood home.
A line from Little Rock to San Francisco, excepting the highest elevations, where pockets of Nords will remain.
The Pacific, Coastal Northwest up into Alaska. Inland Canada is little more than ice sheets and arctic wastes.
The Cumber Clans based in the Appalachians, Subjects of Malediction Song and Reverent Chandler, with Est being the Last of the Cumber Men.
The Nords Proper, based in the Upper Mississippi watershed, subjects of Reverent Chandler, with Fend being the Last of the Nordmen.
The Sark Clans, based in the Ozark Mountains, not appearing in the first two books.
The Night Clan, subject of the final volume, Nightsong of the Nords.
Of course, this is fiction. But, I think the demographics of the trilogy will be reflected in what becomes of Usurers and Sodomites of America in our own future.
My novelette, American Dreamboat, on my sweet editor’s desk, is about the last blonde Baltimorean circa 2048.
Malediction Song: Rise of the Nords: The Prequel to Reverent Chandler and NightSong of the Nords
Reverent Chandler: The Saga of Fend
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Ruben Chandler     Dec 8, 2019

In the "enlightened" caliphate in Spain, before the last sigh of the Moor (Do not cry like a woman for that which you did not defend as a man) there was a great tolerance of other peoples of the "book". Jews were doctors and lawyers, much as they are today, and court advisers.....the problem was when it was discovered they the court couriers were advising and financially assisting both sides. Sound familiar? There were Jewish philosophers who were allowed to publish. The artisans working on all the palaces and such were multicultural. It seems to be only our problem now that our owners have assaulted these people so much we could never even work together in the arts. The same thing happening with the darkening of the states is happening in Europe. I guess the hope being that as they summarily throw disparate groups of people together with no rhyme or reason that we will gut one another. As long as we are sicced on each other we'll never go after them. Same guys, same thing, centuries later. Paying both sides is one thing but in this day and age.....where data info is something.........they pay nothing to gain their worldview through deluded, stoned out, pinheads. I get sick to death hearing about the hippie movement in the sixties. They were not political, they just rubbed elbows with the folkies and yippies and reds and other people with real cred. A lot of these, for lack of a better word, doofuses, became some of our parents. The final binding happened under their watch. I really think, ultimately, there is no hope. Hope was never part of the package. That's why I think the medieval knights, hell everyone then, held the notion that courage resided, not in the heart but, in the face. Be of good cheer. If we were sure of victory, there is no fight. Pardon the Sunday ramblings........
    Dec 9, 2019

In hard times hope is for faint hearts, I think.
TheAmericanDagda     Dec 9, 2019

And may the Cumber ring our borders with worthy heads before night takes us that our fathers may forgive our failures.
    Dec 9, 2019

I think you guys have the best chance going.
Koanic     Dec 9, 2019

The Internet accelerates. Reconquista's overclocked.
Ruben Chandler     Dec 9, 2019

More like time for a good life and a pint at the end of a bloody good day
Mike_C     Dec 12, 2019

In the "enlightened" caliphate in Spain [...] Jews were doctors and lawyers, much as they are today, and court advisers.....the problem was when it was discovered they the court couriers were advising and financially assisting both sides.

Not sure I'm understanding this. Are you saying that in the latter days of Islamic Iberia the Jews secretly aided the Reconquista? I was not aware of that, but if so, <i>dulce et decorum est</i> seeing as how the initial Islamic conquest seemed to have eerie insight into the weaknesses of many Christian settlements and fortifications. Almost as if there were a fifth column embedded therein that was passing along information. And never mind asking who literally opened the gates of Toledo.
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