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Paleface Hoodrat as a Bond Villain?
Cracked Pottery Curated and Available for Inspection on the Third Rail
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Thank you!! Will def be enjoying this [A White Christmas, or the Tao of Broke-Ass Rasheed] over the holiday.
Heres the link to the show and rss feed, will be uploading the video to bitchute tomorrow if you want to embed anywhere.
Thanks again and merry christmas sir, was great having you on!
-TRS Engineer, apparently a Frankish Mercenary in service to Rome...
I would like to thank Big-Head Borzoi, also His Spectral Excellency and the TRS charioteer for their help.. and I think there was another man onboard, but the sorcerous vices had my mind addled and I apologize if I missed anyone.
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Scott     Dec 24, 2019


Thank you for appearing on the Third Rail, your contribution was unexpected and welcome.

I had not heard of you before, and as of now have read little of your work, but housing the tortured soul of a writer myself, I believe you have inspired me to finally conjure a blog so that I have somewhere to put my writing outside of my notebooks and facebook posts that nobody sees.

Having a blog might also inspire (or force?) me to create more, if there is a chance somebody else might stumble across it.

I typically only write during inspired bouts of mania, but I know that I can write outside of that rare condition, if I could just make myself, somehow.

I think I've been a writer-in-denial for a long time, but I recently became unable to contain my enthusiasm for a woman I quickly found myself romantically involved with, and the conditions were such that it naturally led to me writing her a personalized poem followed by an obscenely effusive yelp review of her restaurant.

She understandably put the brakes on our relationship almost immediately afterward, but at least I learned something about myself - my mind's eye is brimming with images, and my soul is teeming with words with which I must translate them.

Whenever my world starts to wobble on it's axis and my heart is jostled in it's cage, my insides come spilling out onto a page, dripping over margins and soaking through sheets.

I've basically come to terms, finally, at 36, with the fact that I am a writer. All that is left now is to manifest that identity, and

somehow I think you have helped nudge me into the light.

Thank You.
James     Dec 25, 2019

Scott, when you start you blog, send me a link to read.

Good luck and keep writing, man.

Merry Christmas.
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