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Bronze Age Collapse
Crackpot Mailbox: Shep Cues the Cracked Pottery
"...after the ocean drank Atlantis..."
Sun, Jan 5, 6:50 PM (7 days ago)

The historians who did the bet work on The Sea Peoples, who, as this article suggests, counted among their tribal ranks the Denyen, or Dan, who Ramses II bragged about driving back "I their isles," were two Israeli academics writing in the same book. I read their book in 1999 and do not recall the title or their names.
[Editor, please check The First Boxers, final chapter and bibliography.]
Aside from their contention that the Dan of Troy and the Dannites of Israel, of which Samson was the most notable, where in fact Proto-Greek Aryans, they also cite the Philistines, of which Goliath was the most notable, as also being refugee-like sea nomads, hailing most likely from Crete. There is art on a coin from 1100 B.C. Cyprus depicting very Minoan style boxing and dueling with short thrusting swords, very much in the style described in an account from David, when opposing warriors grabbed and stabbed one another.
Based on Red Sea raiding traffic by small groups of crusaders circa A.D. 1190, and the long range trading habits of Jewish merchants based in Egypt and active on the African Coast and in India circa A.D. 1200, including one record of intermarriage with a Hindu woman, I am highly confident that significant Hebrew colonization occurred in Africa in addition to various Indo-European tribes and expeditions tracing the same routs, such as the Hyksos conquerors of Egypt circa 1650 B.C. Non-Aryan Caucasian groups such as Arabs, Berbers, Carthaginians and Hebrews have such an extensive record of African exploration, conquest and intercourse in the gold, slave and ivory trades, that it would be shocking to discover that authors such as Robert E. Howard, H. Rider Haggard, Phillip Jose Farmer and Edgar Rice Burroughs were not right, in theme if not detail, when they postulated lost outposts of European and Middle Eastern empire in Africa, even sub-Saharan Africa.
For references see the First Boxers: Volume One of The Broken Dance.
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Dothan, Trude & Moshe. People of the Sea: The Search for the Philistines, MacMillan, NY, 1992
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